Checking in at Ho Coc Vung Tau, the girl is “remembering” because every photo is so beautiful and charismatic

No matter what Ho Coc Vung Tau has to offer, looking at the beautiful pictures of Pham Thi Phuong Trinh makes you want to come here right away to live a virtual life to your heart’s content. 

Locating coordinates of Ho Coc Vung Tau 

Vung Tau is a familiar destination for tourists from far and near thanks to its proximity to Saigon and sustainable tourism development over the years. Because of that familiarity, it sometimes leads to boredom, making people not know where to travel to Vung Tau to play, to discover new destinations. 


Ho Coc Vung TauHo Coc is a beautiful destination on the outskirts of Vung Tau. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

But please don’t “criticize” Vung Tau, because there is a beautiful virtual coordinate of the coastal city that is emerging recently. That is Ho Coc beach – a destination located in Xuyen Moc district, more than 3 hours by car from Saigon. This place is wild, poetic and fresh, promising to be the ideal place to spend the weekend. 

Ho Coc Vung Tau is a sea located in Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc district. This place is deserted, when the climate is cool and the landscape is much more wild than the city center. Because it has only been exploited recently, Ho Coc retains its natural and clear features that other coordinates in Vung Tau do not have. 

Ho Coc Vung TauHer friend Phuong Trinh checked into Ho Coc – her hometown. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

Every year, from November to April, tourists often flock to Ho Coc to enjoy the beautiful seascape, immerse themselves in the pristine nature of this land. This is the dry season with beautiful sunshine, suitable for swimming and capturing virtual live parrots at destinations near the sea. 

Ho Coc Vung TauThe beautiful scenery of Ho Coc captivates people’s hearts. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

There have been many beautiful photos at Ho Coc Vung Tau appearing on social networks. But recently, the photo series of Pham Thi Phuong Trinh caused a stir because she was so beautiful. Perhaps because she checked in in her own hometown, she fully showed her radiant spirit in a wild and romantic space of Ho Coc. 

The beautiful scenery of Ho Coc through Phuong Trinh’s photos

Ho Coc Beach in Vung Tau is famous for being the coordinates of many couples’ wedding photography. Instead of taking pictures at Front Beach, Back Beach of Vung Tau, the couples came here to be able to save a series of beautiful moments. 

However, if you just want to live virtual, Ho Coc is still the ideal space for impressive photos. In Ho Coc, visitors can comfortably explore the long beaches, clear blue water color full of wild. On the shore are rows of blue poplars, rows of casuarinas fluttering in the wind. 

Ho Coc Vung TauThe wild and peaceful scenery in Ho Coc. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

And if you want to have beautiful Vung Tau travel photos like Phuong Trinh, go to the “sea studio ” area. This place has appeared quite a lot in wedding photos. And even though you’ve admired the beautiful scenery of this place, you still want to visit directly when looking at Phuong Trinh’s check-in photo. 

According to Phuong Trinh’s experience of exploring Vung Tau , visitors just need to search for “Ho Coc” on Google Maps to get to this virtual live coordinate. Here, the lake is clear blue, there is a wooden bridge spanning the lake, there are undulating rocky beaches for visitors to easily sit and pose.

Ho Coc Vung TauBeautiful view of Ho Coc on a sunny day. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

Surrounding the lake is a forest of cool green trees in the afternoon sunlight, the lake surface is sparkling and rippling in waves, very poetic. This area was built as a film studio for photography, so the scenery is very neat. However, the natural beauty is still preserved. The added man-made elements are just a small boat or a wooden bridge.

Traveling to Ho Coc , you don’t need to go to a luxury resort to still have beautiful photos to take home. Just look at Phuong Trinh’s photo and you’ll see it right away. Just take a walk around the lake, find a good location and take a photo, every photo is good and good. The most important is still charisma, costumes and creative angles. 

Ho Coc Vung TauThis place is the “sea studio” chosen by many couples to take wedding photos. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

Enjoying Phuong Trinh’s photos, perhaps everyone wants to go to Ho Coc Vung Tau in this season because of the beautiful sunshine and fresh nature. Do you like the blue sky, the calm lake, the white sand in the distance? If yes, invite your close friends or lover, family to Vung Tau for 1-2 days to experience the beautiful scenery here.

Ho Coc Vung TauYou should take photos on a sunny day, it will be more beautiful. Photo:Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

Surely many people still wonder what Ho Coc Vung Tau has to play besides taking pictures? In fact, this place is developing in tourism, so there are camping services and resorts for tourists to relax. Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can refer to the appropriate activities to plan fun.

Notes when exploring Ho Coc 

According to Phuong Trinh’s share, to take pictures to check in here, visitors spend 10,000 VND for tickets if taking photos with phones. If you take wedding photos or use a professional camera, the ticket price may be higher. 

To get a satisfactory set of photos in Ho Coc Vung Tau , girlfriends can refer to Phuong Trinh’s style of dresses and accessories. In addition, depending on your preferences, you flexibly choose a harmonious outfit to get a beautiful check-in photo at this “sea studio”. 

Ho Coc Vung TauTo have a beautiful photo like Phuong Trinh, you need to choose the right outfit and go with a photographer with a heart. Photo: Pham Thi Phuong Trinh

The last important thing is that Ho Coc and his companions are ready to “roll out” to take a series of beautiful photos for you. Because of the resonance between the beautiful scenery of Ho Coc and the creative angles, beautiful and charismatic photos like those of her friend Pham Thi Phuong Trinh will be born. 

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