Come to Vung Tau and suddenly want to drink coffee? Immediately save the address of strange style cafes in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is a great destination for weekend getaways or unplanned escapes. Not only attractive tourist attractions, but Vung Tau also has cafes that are favored by young people in the list of “beautiful heart-stopping” check-in points of the coastal city. Possessing great views, novel styles and many “so deep” shooting angles are all outstanding features of these beautiful cafes in Vung Tau.

Rooftop Bar Breeze 

Located on the 20th floor of Fusion Suites hotel, this beautiful cafe in Vung Tau has a quite prime location, right in the city center, less than 2 minutes walk from the park and beach; It is a very convenient place to visit.


Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
Rooftop Bar has a panoramic view of Vung Tau sea. Photo:

Newly put into operation not long ago, Rooftop Bar Breeze has been extremely famous for its extremely luxurious design. Every little corner here is taken care of, making the space become a “virtual living paradise”, making you “lost”.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The most luxurious coffee shop in the city. Vung Tau. Photo:

Coming to this beautiful cafe, you will enjoy diverse and unique drinks in an extremely romantic space with soaring and gentle music. In particular, Rooftop Bar is also one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the city.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The cafe owns countless virtual living corners. Photo:

The most appropriate time to visit this cafe is in the late afternoon, around 4pm – 5pm, when the sunset begins to dye the sky a brilliant pink. If you do not rent a room at the hotel, you can visit and take photos at the bar for a ticket price of 150k / person.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
This cafe is also a very beautiful sunset spot. Photo:

Drinks at Rooftop Bar are very rich with many types of coffee, eye-catching cocktails priced from 50k-100k/dish. If you want to swim in the pool at the bar, you can pay 300k / person, no time limit. 

Gazebo Beach Front Lounge Caf�

Known as a beautiful cafe in Vung Tau especially attracting young people and tourists, Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe is located right in front of Front Beach, extremely prominent with elegant purple and white tones and romantic.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Bar is located in the heart of the sea city. Photo:

The drink menu of the bar is very diverse with coffees, juices and many imported beers. Not only that, the snacks and drinks here are also praised by visitors. 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The space is very airy and has a wide view. Photo:

As one of Vung Tau sea view cafes that is always on the top list of favorites, coming here, you can relax and enjoy drinks, chat with friends and watch the clear blue sea in the distance. 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The drinks here are decorated very eye-catching. Photo:

In the afternoon, you can watch the magnificent sunset on Vung Tau beach from any corner of the table. In the evening, Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe becomes especially lively with live music programs performed by many famous DJs. 

MrP Bingsu & Tea

As a member of a chain of beverage brands that are very familiar to young Vietnamese, MrP Bingsu & Tea Vung Tau owns a perfect space from elegant tables and chairs, delicious and diverse drinks to cakes. can “cut the heart” of sweet lovers.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
Korean style tea shop is very young and modern. Photo:

This beautiful cafe in Vung Tau is the place where you can find all the “hot trend” drinks, from cool peach orange lemongrass tea, creamy cheese milk teas to delicious fruit yogurt… 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The restaurant’s attractive and colorful menu. Photo:

Not only focusing on investing in style and design to create enchanting virtual living corners, the bar’s drinks and snacks are also delicious and eye-catching, becoming a great “props” for your guests. photos.

Drinks here are priced from 29k-55k, very affordable and worthy of the quality. Coming to MrP Bingsu & Tea, you will be enthusiastically served by a young and friendly staff. This cafe received a lot of praise from the online community with a rating of up to 4.5/5 stars. 

Soho Coffee 

Located on the most beautiful street of the city. In Vung Tau , Soho Coffee stands out with its delicate white color, mixed with cool green trees. Inside the shop, all objects are arranged very artfully with elegant tones, creating a feeling of relaxation and peace. 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
Outstanding appearance of Soho Coffee. Photo:

Not only a beautiful cafe with a variety of delicious drinks, Soho Coffee is also a very “hot” check-in point in Vung Tau because of its unique glass dome architecture, helping this cafe own an airy and wide view. open, covering the sea view. 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
Unique arched glass windows. Photo:

The drinks here are not really outstanding compared to many other beautiful cafes in Vung Tau, but the plus point is good service quality and affordable prices. In addition, the shop also has a variety of delicious European pastries for you to enjoy. 

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The corners of the table have a beautiful view. Photo:

The photos taken at Soho Coffee are all very beautiful, not even inferior to those of hot bloggers, so it is not surprising that this cafe is always crowded. You should also visit the shop to experience this “quality” space. 

Bohemian Cafe

Located in a quiet, pretty alley, Bohemiens Cafe is the perfect place to “hide”. This cafe will help you temporarily forget the noise of the city. Therefore, although there is no expensive sea view like many other beautiful cafes in Vung Tau, Bohiemiens Cafe is still an attractive destination.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The youthful, liberal style of Bohemians Cafe. Photo:

Stepping inside the shop, you feel like you have just traveled back in time, returning to the nostalgic 60-70s with old items such as black and white television, butterfly sewing machine, camera…

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The cafe has a bit of a nostalgic vibe with old objects. Photo:

Although the space of the restaurant is not large, it is arranged very reasonably, creating a feeling of coziness, privacy and comfort. If you like the open space, you can choose the long tables and chairs outside the shop to chat and take pictures to check-in with the colorful walls.

Nice coffee shop in Vung Tau
The shop also has many impressive virtual living corners. Photo:

When traveling to Ba Ria – Vung Tau , if you want to find a quiet place to rest, give yourself a private moment, remember to visit Bohemiens Cafe. This cafe always welcomes you with youthful, delicious drinks and a peaceful and warm atmosphere. 

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