Go Gang Island Vung Tau – a beautiful island for believers who like peace

Vung Tau has Long Hai beach, famous Suoi O, Con Dao … But few people know that Go Gang island in Vung Tau is also a tourist destination worth experiencing in this city. The emerging island is known as a pristine destination, suitable for those who want to find peace.

Where is Go Gang Island in Vung Tau?

Travel enthusiasts know that Vung Tau has countless beautiful islands. Island tourism is a new trend in Vung Tau. And now the island that many tourists “flock” to is Go Gang Island, Vung Tau .


the island of mound of puddles
Go Gang Island Vung Tau – a brand new destination worth experiencing. Photo: lhathyy

Go Gang Island is located in Long Son commune, about 3 km from the center of Vung Tau city to the southwest. The island has a total area of ??30 km2, with 3 sides bordering the river, the other side facing the sea. Because of that, Go Gang Island Vung Tau has a rich ecosystem and a relatively complete waterway transportation network, convenient to travel. This is an unspoiled island, emerging as a destination in Vung Tau .

Directions to Go Gang Island Vung Tau

Go Gang Island Vung Tau is about 90km from Ho Chi Minh City, quite close so you can go back in the day. However, staying to watch the sunset and sunrise on the sea is also an experience worth trying when coming here.

the island of mound of puddles
Natural landscape at Go Gang island. Photo: Go Gang Island – Marina

From Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau tourists will take about 2 hours to Go Gang island. According to Vung Tau travel experience , there are 2 ways to move to this beautiful island.

Firstly, visitors can follow Truong Chinh – Cong Hoa – Nguyen Van Troi – Truong Sa road to Dien Bien Phu. Then continue to follow Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway and Highway 51 to Hoang Sa. Continue on Hoang Sa road to Go Gang island.

If you are already in Vung Tau, you move to Thirty April, meet a Hawaiian coffee shop, then turn onto Vo Nguyen Giap/QL51. Continue for only about 2 km and then turn left on Truong Sa Street to see the area passing Go Gang Island.

the island of mound of puddles
This place is still very wild, waiting for you to explore. Photo: Go Gang Island – Marina

In general, now, tourists no longer have to travel by fishermen’s boats or time-consuming boats, the road is very new, easy to go and you don’t have to worry too much.

Dining experience at Go Gang Island Vung Tau

Go Gang Island in Vung Tau is still unspoiled, with a rich system of forests, ponds and lakes. Nature like this island favors both the sea and the forest, creating an extremely eye-catching landscape. Because tourism has not been too developed, it has unintentionally contributed to creating a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere for the whole island. Coming here, you will feel all the wild, simple and rustic beauty of nature.

the island of mound of puddles
Come here to feel the idyllic beauty of nature. Photo: chutchit88

If you have traveled to Front Beach, Back Beach, explored all the famous historical sites in Vung Tau and want to find a brand new destination in Vung Tau , try visiting Go Gang Island. Right at the ferry terminal, there is a long wooden bridge facing the sea, which has become a beautiful check-in point in Go Gang Island, Vung Tau . Any corner on this island you can produce hundreds of quality virtual live photos.

Check in the beach with clear water, with blue sky and white clouds, yellow sunshine, take pictures at Bai Co Chay… all are unique features with 1-0-2 at Go Gang island.

the island of mound of puddles
Traffic is very convenient, so you can come here easily without worrying about getting lost. Photo: oliver.cao

In addition to serving you to live virtual, Go Gang Island Vung Tau also has many interesting activities waiting for you. Here there are thrilling games such as canoeing, sailing excursions, scuba diving to see corals… giving you unforgettable experiences.

the island of mound of puddles
There is nothing better than a trip to Go Gang island with friends and relatives. Photo: Go Gang Island – Marina

When coming to Go Gang Island, Vung Tau tourists can not only swim, immerse in the cool, clear blue water, bring a feeling of extreme pleasure , but also enjoy the peaceful and fresh atmosphere with the company. many beautiful natural landscapes, river life of the people. One of the most famous places in Go Gang Island in Vung Tau that tourists must definitely explore is Go Gang Be Village.

the island of mound of puddles
There are many interesting experiences here, there is 1-0-2 for you. Photo: Go Gang Island – Marina

Visiting the fishing villages, oyster-making villages, making wishes, visitors will fully experience the simple life but full of joy of the people.

This place not only offers a landscape of lakes, rivers, and seas, but also a system of mangrove forests, and many species of birds. For those who love nature, love birds, old forests and the sea, Go Gang Island in Vung Tau is the ideal choice.

the island of mound of puddles
What are you waiting for without coming to this unspoiled island to explore. Photo: Go Gang Island � Marina
the island of mound of puddles
What are you waiting for without coming to this unspoiled island to explore. Photo: Go Gang Island � Marina

In the afternoon, visitors can take a walk along the golden sand beach, listen to the sound of the waves crashing, and watch the red sunset in the sky. At this time, you will feel strange peace

Not only nature, cuisine at Go Gang Island in Vung Tau also contributes to making this place an increasingly popular destination in Vung Tau . This island has very fresh seafood, raised on rafts, and the skillful hands of professional chefs become extremely attractive.

the island of mound of puddles
Grilled oysters with onion fat – a delicious dish not to be missed when coming to the island. Photo: kenhhomestay
the island of mound of puddles
Every dish is fresh and delicious. Photo: vntrip

One of the most loved and most famous dishes on Go Gang island is grilled oysters. The fresh oysters that have just been caught from the sea, are grilled and cooked on a hot coal stove with a little fragrant onion fat, just thinking about it makes you crave it. Just enjoying grilled oysters and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere here, all your worries and fatigue seem to disappear. The dishes here are also cheap, suitable for a weekend trip to Vung Tau.

There is a very nice homestay on the island, so you can stay overnight.

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