Quy Nhon Scar Island – a ‘jewel’ hidden in the middle of the blue ocean

Quy Nhon Scar Island is likened to a gem hidden in the middle of the ocean. This is a beautiful, pristine island that not many tourists know about.

The coordinates of Scar Island Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is very famous for Cu Lao Xanh and Hon Kho islands. But did you know that this beautiful city also has a small island with the rough name Hon Scar. This is one of the most pristine and beautiful islands on Phuong Mai peninsula, about 15km from the city center. 

Scar Island Quy NhonQuy Nhon has many beautiful islands. Photo: nguyen.daido

Hon Scar is located in Ly Chanh village, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province Although only about 1.2 km2 wide, this island has a strong attraction for tourists who love to explore. The combination of rock caves, pebble beaches, clear blue sea color, sandy shores and beautiful coral reefs has created a Hon Seo with a beautiful beauty that cannot help but fall in love. 

The pristine and charming beauty of Hon Scar

The common psychology of tourists when traveling to Binh Dinh is to prioritize discovering coordinates near Quy Nhon city. But if you really love the wild beauty of Hon Scar, leave the central area towards Phuong Mai peninsula to come to this small island full of intense attraction. 

Scar Island Quy NhonHon Seo is located 15km from the city center. Photo: kathrine_ngo

Quy Nhon Scarlet Island will welcome visitors with a quiet and pristine natural picture. There are no residents on the island, only the sound of the waves whispering, birds chirping, and fine white sand. Thanks to little known people, the island still retains its natural and deserted beauty. 

Scar Island Quy NhonQuy Nhon Scar Island still retains its pristine beauty. Photo:decoding_smile310121

During the journey to the island, you will be fascinated by the clear blue water to the bottom, you will be “crazy” because of the stones lying under the sea water. Somewhere there are schools of fish swimming around. Everything from the luxuriant trees on the island, the rocky rapids of all shapes to the clear blue sea color contribute to the perfect beauty of Hon Seo. 

Scar Island Quy NhonThe sea water is clear and attractive in Hon Seo. Photo: Trinhthy_

Visiting Hon Seo, you will be fully absorbed in the beautiful scenery that nature bestows on this island. The most attractive feature of the island is the colorful rocks with various shapes. The stones are abraded by sea water smooth with black, brown and covered with strange green moss.

Scar Island Quy NhonComing to Hon Seo, you will have many interesting experiences. Photo: giatue__

Visitors here often pick up a few stones to bring back as a souvenir. Local people also call this as “laying stone” as a way of praising the beauty and impressive colors of the rocky beach on Hon Seo island. 

Scar Island Quy NhonOn the island, there is a very unique pebble beach. Photo:decoding_smile310121

Although small and a little-known island in Quy Nhon , Hon Seo brings you many interesting experiences. After exploring the rocky beach, you can continue to explore a cave called Dragon’s Head. The cave entrance is shaped like a giant dragon’s head, made up of overlapping stone blocks.

Scar Island Quy NhonDragon Head Cave on Hon Scar Island. Photo: lintinsm

Passing through the cave entrance, you will be overwhelmed by a strange space inside. It is estimated that this cave is about 8 meters high and has an area of ??about 50 square meters. The inside is like a small house for visitors to rest because it is very cool and airy. However, to come here, you should choose the time of low tide to easily travel by basket boat.

Scar Island Quy NhonThis island has many interesting things waiting for you to explore. Photo: cuc.lk

Going to Quy Nhon Scarlet Island, visitors can also choose high angles to see the whole sea here, breathe in the fresh air and fully feel the breath of the sea. Because this place is wild and deserted, there will be many other interesting activities that you can experience with family and friends. 

What to play on Hon Scar island?     

Quy Nhon Scar Island, although not as strongly developed as Hon Kho or Cu Lao Xanh, but this place will have many interesting experiences for you. One of them is swimming. Here the sea water is extremely blue, clean and clear. However, due to the deep water level, you need to prepare a life jacket for safety. 

Scar Island Quy NhonThe sea water of Hon Se Quy Nhon is extremely blue and clear. Photo: davidnguyen.unofficial_

If you have a lot of time, you can bring a tent to camp on the beach, catch the sunrise or the sun goes to sleep. According to the experience of discovering Binh Dinh that young people share, combining camping and fishing, scuba diving or catching urchin on the island is an experience worth trying once.

Scar Island Quy NhonImmerse yourself in the scenery of the blue sea and golden sunshine at Hon Seo. Photo: mrvothanhtam

In addition, Hon Seo beach is also home to many beautiful coral beaches, diverse in types and colors. You need to bring an oxygen tank, diving goggles, protective gear to ensure safety when scuba diving. For better support, you can also choose 1-day tours to explore Hon Seo. 

Experience exploring Quy Nhon Scar Island 

The right time to go to Hon Seo 

Like many other destinations in Quy Nhon , the most suitable time for you to visit Hon Seo is from March to July every year. In the summer, the weather on the island is very beautiful, do not buy, suitable for many activities of scuba diving, swimming and playing on the island. You should avoid going to the island from September to December because this is the rainy and dangerous season.

Scar Island Quy NhonMarch – July is the right time to go to Hon Seo. Photo:quangthanh28

How to move to Scar Island? 

Quy Nhon Scar Island is located about 6km from the mainland. To get to the island, you only have to take a boat. Currently, there are no canoes or speedboats. Therefore, the option of taking a fisherman’s boat with a ticket price of about 50,000 VND / person is the solution that you can choose. 

Scar Island Quy NhonAbout Quy Nhon, you should definitely visit Hon Seo once. Photo: vietnam_adventure_tours

Recently, many travel businesses have also started exploiting tours to the island. You can contact us to choose the right tour for your Quy Nhon discovery schedule Normally, the journey will start from Nhon Ly, pass through Eo Gio and Yen island and then arrive at the beautiful Hon Seo. 

Notes when discovering Scar Island 

Hon Seo is beautiful and attractive, but this is an empty island, no people live, no tourist services. So if you want to go to the island to have fun, camp, … you should prepare enough food, water and essential tools to make the trip fun and complete. 

Scar Island Quy NhonWhen exploring this island, you should bring all the necessary tools. Photo: dukeddayne

Today, Quy Nhon tourism is developing strongly with many destinations from the inner city to the suburbs of the city. One of them is Hon Scar on Phuong Mai peninsula. This island with pristine and fresh beauty promises to bring you many memorable travel experiences in the journey to bomb the land of Quy Nhon. 

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