‘Beautiful’ set of photos taken with Vung Tau white bougainvillea, people hurriedly invited each other to check in

My Hanh’s set of check-in photos with white bougainvillea in Vung Tau is causing a fever in the travel communities because of its majestic and poetic beauty.

White bougainvillea � new virtual coordinates in Vung Tau 

Since the beginning of March, Vung Tau has become the hottest destination in the Southeast with the appearance of beautiful pink and purple bougainvillea. This season is sunny and beautiful, the scene of Vung Tau is poetic, suitable for trips with friends in the early summer. 


Vung Tau white bougainvilleaVung Tau is a beautiful bougainvillea season. Photo:My Hanh

During the past 1 month, travel lovers have been “washed their eyes” in front of a series of beautiful photos, checking in in front of the bougainvillea near Cao Hotel Vung Tau. But in the past few days, the news that a crook has cut the root of this bougainvillea makes young people who have not checked in regret it.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThe Vung Tau bougainvillea season starts in March. Photo:My Hanh

But my friend, while waiting for the restoration of the bougainvillea near the Cao Hotel, please take the trouble to move away from the center to take pictures with other clusters of confetti. Those are two beautiful white bougainvillea trees located on the way to Long Son, Vung Tau. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaIn the past few days, Vung Tau white bougainvillea is causing a fever. Photo:My Hanh

Up to now, people have not yet determined exactly 100% of the coordinates of this Vung Tau white bougainvillea . However, according to the instructions of tourists who have been here, you can follow the direction to Long Son on Truong Sa Street, the section near Cha Va Bridge.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThis bougainvillea is located on the road to Long Son, near Cha Va bridge. Photo:My Hanh

If you are traveling to Vung Tau for the first time and have trouble finding your way, follow the instructions above in combination with asking the locals. More carefully, you can download pictures of visitors who have checked in at this white bougainvillea tree to easily ask for directions. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaIf you go to Vung Tau, remember to check in with this white bougainvillea. Photo:My Hanh

If about a month ago, the bougainvillea near Cao Hotel kept “top 1 trending”, then in a few days, Vung Tau white bougainvillea has quickly “captured the throne”. On the travel communities, people enthusiastically tag each other, schedule an appointment to explore the coastal city, admire the beauty of Vung Tau in the bougainvillea season .

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThe white bougainvillea is in full bloom. Photo:My Hanh

Whether you are a flower lover or a fan of virtual life, when you look at the check-in photos with Vung Tau white bougainvillea by My Hanh, you must stop liking strongly. Because the set of photos is not only beautiful in terms of angles and costumes, but also shows the massive beauty of the huge bougainvillea tree.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaClose-up of the beauty of the giant white bougainvillea tree. Photo: My Hanh

Beautiful “can’t take my eyes off” in front of the photo of the girl My Hanh

From the beginning of the year until now, there have been many beautiful photos with confetti posted on travel communities. But people do not seem to be bored when looking at pictures of this simple, rustic but also brilliant flower. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThe canopy is large, forming a beautiful carpet of white flowers. Photo:My Hanh

Therefore, when My Hanh posted a set of photos taken with Vung Tau white bougainvillea , people immediately interacted enthusiastically. Just surfing Facebook with your hands, you are easily attracted by the too romantic, too majestic scenery in each scene of My Hanh. 

At the time when it started to turn summer, the sunshine was bright like this, bougainvillea trees somewhere in the heart of Vung Tau appeared with pure white color, blooming in a corner of the sky. Just looking at the set of photos you can see the greatness of this flower tree. Perhaps the owner has planted it for a long time, taking good care of it, so the flowers bloom so much and so beautiful.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaBeautiful virtual living corner for visitors. Photo:My Hanh

Compared to the pink bougainvillea near Cao Hotel, this white bougainvillea is much larger. In particular, the flower canopy spreads wide and stretches close to the ground, forming an extremely large white carpet. At first glance, everyone thinks it’s fake flowers like in photo studios. But no, it’s a real bougainvillea. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaColor confetti with pure white color. Photo:My Hanh

The special thing is that the flower color is completely white, with no pink, orange or purple mixed at all. Millions of millions of white flower clusters bloom brilliantly, blooming in the summer sun. The flowers are so numerous that they almost overwhelm the branches and leaves. Looking at My Hanh’s check-in photo, you only see the leaves are small green dots. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaHow can I ignore this virtual coordinates when traveling to Vung Tau. Photo:My Hanh

Thanks to Vung Tau’s huge white bougainvillea tree , coming here, you just need to stand in and have a beautiful photo right away. If you don’t believe it, just try looking at the photo of the girl My Hanh. Every corner is full of flowers. The pure and pure white color is more beautiful and gentle in the early summer sun. It is expected that in the near future, this place will be a virtual living place with beautiful confetti that people are looking for.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaYou can refer to My Hanh’s photography style. Photo:My Hanh

See more photos of My Hanh’s check-in photo frame of Ton Duc Thang University confetti

Before causing a fever with a set of photos taken with Vung Tau white confetti, My Hanh used to check in the brilliant confetti in front of Ton Duc Thang University. That set of photos has also “stormed” on Facebook forums because of the beautiful angle, showing the fresh look of the bougainvillea in a brilliant season.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThe beauty of confetti at Ton Duc Thang University. Photo:My Hanh

If you are interested in flowers or paper flowers, you will surely know the flower rig at Ton Duc Thang school. This is a free virtual live coordinate with a row of brilliant confetti right in front of the school gate. There are even red and pink flowers interwoven with orange, white confetti, … creating a beautiful background.

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaMy Hanh’s captivating photos. Photo: My Hanh

In the past few days, many students and tourists from all over the world have checked in in front of this confetti gate. Each set of photos has its own beauty. And the photo series of her My Hanh quickly spread all over Facebook because of the beautiful angle, the top-notch charisma and the outfit that was in harmony with the bougainvillea season. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaThis season, the flowers are blooming beautifully. Photo: My Hanh

You can look at My Hanh’s photos for more inspiration in choosing outfits, accessories and posing. Every element, no matter how small, makes an important contribution to making the photo of the bougainvillea more beautiful and charismatic. 

Pocket experience of beautiful photography with confetti of Miss My Hanh

This emerging bougainvillea is 100% white, giving it a gentle and fragile beauty. Therefore, to make your photos stand out and brilliant, you should wear clothes that are in contrast to white. You can wear a purple dress like your friend My Hanh. Or the dresses of red, yellow, orange, blue, etc. to make the frame more impressive.  

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaBright flowers in the summer sun. Photo: My Hanh

Having a nice outfit, you should pay attention to the time of the photo shoot. Come here when it’s sunny to get enough light. The golden rays of the sun make the picture frame more beautiful and sparkling. Of course, you need to apply sunscreen to avoid “browning” after taking a virtual live photo. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaYou can refer to the fashion style of her My Hanh. Photo: My Hanh

In terms of posing, you can also look at the full set of photos of My Hanh to learn how to interact with this Vung Tau white bougainvillea . In addition, you can refer to more check-in photos with confetti on Facebook and Instagram to get ideas for photography. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaDon’t forget to go with a thoughtful photography companion. Photo:My Hanh

The last thing that you should prepare is a camera or a phone with a good camera. And more importantly, still a “mindful” photographer who knows how to choose the right angle and “captures” your posing moment. And if you are traveling alone, do not forget to prepare a tripod to take pictures of yourself. 

Vung Tau white bougainvilleaLooking at her photos, everyone wants to take pictures with confetti right away. Photo: My Hanh

According to the experience of many young people going to Vung Tau , in addition to the above notes, you should take advantage of coming here to check in at the beginning of the week to avoid crowds. Because surely in the coming weekends, people will travel to Vung Tau more to be able to live virtual with this ravishing white bougainvillea. 

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