The bougainvillea season in Vung Tau is so vibrant, it’s too expensive to not check in!

The bougainvillea season in Vung Tau has bloomed brilliantly, covering the bright pink color on the small corners of the road. Visit Vung Tau now to live virtual with the beautiful bougainvillea season.

At the beginning of the year, go to Vung Tau to see confetti 

In early 2021, the epidemic situation was still quite stressful, making it difficult for travel enthusiasts to go out. If you cannot travel to the northern provinces at this time, then take advantage of the opportunity to explore the beautiful destinations in the South on the occasion of the new spring. 


confetti season in Vung TauVung Tau is starting to enter the brilliant bougainvillea season. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

And among the famous tourist cities of the South, Vung Tau is the “candidate” that you should consider. Moreover, Vung Tau is in the beautiful and dreamy bougainvillea season, how can you miss the opportunity to live virtual with this brilliant flower. 

confetti season in Vung TauSpring sunshine makes the bougainvillea more beautiful. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Only more than 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, the coastal city of Vung Tau is very suitable for short trips in the early spring. No need for long vacations, you only need 1-2 weekends to discover the beauty of the bougainvillea season in the coastal city. Invite your close friends or “entice” your loved one to go to Vung Tau right away, so that you can still check in with the bougainvillea season. 

confetti season in Vung TauIn Vung Tau, bougainvillea is grown everywhere. Photo:Chung Uyen

Paper flowers are not a strange or rare flower in Vietnam. This is a plant that is easy to grow, easy to live and adapt to many different environmental and weather conditions. In our country, confetti is popular in every province, from Quang Nam, Nha Trang to Vung Tau, Saigon or the West. 

confetti season in Vung TauPaper flowers are easy to grow, easy to care for. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Normally, bougainvillea will bloom in the summer, starting from March to April. Depending on the locality, the color blooms at a certain time. At the present time, the bougainvillea season in Vung Tau is at its most beautiful, showing off its most splendid colors. Facebook forums have appeared many reviews about the beautiful check-in points of confetti.

confetti season in Vung TauPeople began to show off photos of checking in the bougainvillea season in Vung Tau. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Paper flowers are grown everywhere in the coastal city of Vung Tau, mainly in front of the porch, on the fence and along the roads and small streets. In the blooming season, visitors can easily see rows of bright red, pink and orange confetti in the warm yellow sunlight. 

confetti season in Vung TauThe color of the rose is bright, beautiful and captivating. Photo:Chung Uyen

This flower is inherently easy to grow and care for. Therefore, if carefully cared for, the flowers will bloom all year round. However, the time when the bougainvillea in Vung Tau is most brilliant is in the summer. At this time, the weather is dry, the bright yellow sunshine makes the paper flowers more prominent. 

confetti season in Vung TauPaper flowers are planted in front of the porch, along the two sides of the road,… Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Therefore, if you want to have a spring trip at the beginning of the year, choose to travel to Vung Tau . There is nothing better than experiencing the beautiful seascape, just being checked in and the roads full of confetti. 

Check-in point with the hottest confetti in Vung Tau

There are many virtual living spots with confetti in Vung Tau that you should save for convenient check-in. The most famous is along the two sides of the road to the lighthouse and the road to Binh An village. In the blooming season, these two roads are “dyed pink” by the fragile confetti in the wind. 

confetti season in Vung TauPaper flowers near Cao Hotel are being checked in a lot on social networks. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Paper flowers have many different colors, but in the coastal city, the main flower colors are white and red. One color is flaming hot, the other is pure and pure. That combination creates beautiful backdrops that visitors just need to stand in to have very good check-in photos. 

confetti season in Vung TauFlowers are mainly pink. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

This year, Vung Tau appeared a check-in point with other confetti that is as beautiful as the old roads. It is a big bougainvillea tree located near Cao Hotel on Thuy Van street. You just need to locate this hotel and go a little further to see the blooming flower tree.

Many tourists have come here and taken virtual pictures of this huge flower tree. The flowers have a dominant red and pink color, bloom evenly and densely, creating an extremely good background for visitors to relax. 

confetti season in Vung TauExcellent virtual living context in the confetti shop. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

There is a relatively large space here and there are many different angles for you to take pictures without worrying about crowding or being “won the view”. According to the experience of discovering Vung Tau of tourists who have been here, the time of 4-5 pm is the most suitable time to “tap”. At this time, the soft yellow sunlight creates beautiful photos without using the app. 

confetti season in Vung TauPaper flowers are so beautiful, you can’t miss your trip to Vung Tau. Photo:Chung Uyen

It looks like this is the gate of a house or establishment. The white gate is relatively wide, on both sides there are two huge bougainvillea trees. The canopy rises high and bunches together like a heart. Then when the bougainvillea season in Vung Tau begins, the two flower trees brighten up with hundreds of thousands of small flowers blooming in the sun. 

confetti season in Vung TauJust stand in and have a good photo immediately. Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

The deep pink color of the flowers and the few green leaves on the branches create an impressive beauty. Coming here, visitors just need to dress up and then stand in the corner with the most flowers to immediately take beautiful pictures. Of course, you need to refer to a few other tips to have great virtual live photos. 

Tips to take beautiful photos with confetti 

To have a beautiful check-in photo with the confetti season in Vung Tau , you need to pocket a few small notes below:
Regarding the location, the confetti shop near Cao Hotel is currently the most beautiful and hottest shooting angle right now. in. In addition, if you have time, go to the road to Vung Tau lighthouse or walk on the streets in the inner city.

confetti season in Vung TauThe best time to take pictures is in the morning and 4-5 pm. Photo:Chung Uyen

About the time to take pictures, you should go in the morning when the sun has just risen or in the afternoon from 4-5 o’clock to have beautiful bright photos without being too hot. You should limit visiting at noon because the sun is very harsh and causes glare, the photos will not be satisfied. 

In terms of costumes, visitors can choose a white dress to make a stand out with a bright pink background. In addition, the pink outfit with the same tone is also very beautiful. And if you love the bright, yellow or green is also a very good suggestion to consider. 

confetti season in Vung TauThe confetti season in Vung Tau is so beautiful, check in now! Photo: Truong Hoang Yen

Above are a few tips to check in the bougainvillea season in Vung Tau at the beginning of the new year. If you have some free time, go with your relatives or friends to visit the coastal city, breathe a little wind, eat some seafood and take pictures with romantic confetti streets like fairy tales. 

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