The O-shaped vines and a series of ‘beautiful every centimeter’ check-in points in Con Dao

Located off the coast of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Con Dao is known for its famous historical sites and beautiful beaches like paradise. The more you try to explore the island, the more you will be captivated by the nature here. Recently, travel enthusiasts are once again buzzing about the extremely new check-in point in Con Dao: The O-shaped vine.

O-shaped vines in Con Dao National Park

As an island that is extremely favored by nature with both silver forest and silver sea, coming to Con Dao, you can not only immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea but also can trek in the forest to see the species. Strange animals and plants.


Con Dao check-in point
The beauty of Con Dao National Park. Photo:

Con Dao National Park has up to 1,077 species of plants, including 137 species of climbing plants scattered in the forest. Over hundreds of years, these vines have intertwined, forming strange shapes, leaving an unforgettable impression on visitors when exploring the forest. 

 Con Dao check-in point
Hundreds of years old vines in Con Dao National Park. Photo:

Among many unique old vines, attracting the most attention of visitors must be mentioned the O-shaped vines – the check-in point in Con Dao is loved by many people. This is Bam Bam tree – a family of woody vines very common in Con Dao forest. 

Con Dao check-in point
The vines are wrapped in a very strange and unique O shape. Photo:

To be able to get sunlight, this vine was wrapped around another tree trunk and gradually formed a very interesting circle. Because of that strange and unique shape, the O-shaped vines have become an attractive tourist destination for tourists to visit and explore Con Dao National Park.

Con Dao check-in point
Con Dao National Park is a trekking destination that attracts many tourists. Photo:

According to locals, Bam Bam tree also has therapeutic effects such as anticonvulsant, pain reliever, except for rheumatism� The location of the O-shaped Bam Ba tree is in the west of the island, on the road from Bai Bang. to Dat Tham Beach. 

Ben Dam Port

If you come to Con Dao by sea, the first place you will arrive in this exciting journey will be Ben Dam port. Not only a place where ships dock, this harbor is also likened to the heart of the island. 

Con Dao check-in point
Ben Dam Port is both vibrant and peaceful. Photo:

Here, you will witness the very simple but equally vibrant and bustling daily life of the island. Also at this harbor, you can also participate in many attractive sea sports activities such as sailing, windsurfing…

Con Dao check-in point
This is the first place you will come to when visiting Con Dao. Photo:

If you want to get on a boat to float on the bay to see the beautiful natural scenery of Con Dao and the neighboring small islands, you can also hire tourist boats that are always available here. 

Shark Nose

6km southeast of Con Dao town center, Ca Map cape is one of the must- see Con Dao tourist attractions . Possessing a smooth white sand beach and clear blue water, this place is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Con Dao check-in point
The majestic beauty of Shark’s nose. Photo:

However, the most interesting thing about this beach is that you can only admire its beauty for a few hours a day, every time the tide is low, revealing the long sandy shore. Watching the sunset on Nhat beach – Shark cape is an experience you definitely should not miss.

Con Dao check-in point
Bai Nhat – beautiful unspoiled beach on the island. Photo:

Not far away is Love Peak – a mountain shaped like a couple entwined with each other, both poetic and majestic. Not only is Con Dao quite famous check-in point, Love Peak is also a romantic dating spot for many young couples. 

Dam Trau Beach

Dubbed the “sleeping fairy”, Dam Trau beach attracts tourists by its wild and peaceful beauty with one side of the green forest, the other side is the gentle sea. The sea water here is always turquoise and clear, illuminating the bottom of the sparkling rocks and coral reefs. 

Con Dao check-in point
Con Dao sea and sky blend in an immense blue. Photo:

12km from Co Ong airport to the northwest, to reach Dam Trau beach, you can travel by motorbike or car, which is very convenient. It will take about 30 minutes to get to this Con Dao check-in point if going from the town center.

Con Dao check-in point
The island has always had a mysterious and unspoiled beauty. Photo:

Here, you can freely immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea, enjoy the beautiful harmony of nature or join a diving tour and see the colorful coral reefs. 

Cape Tau Be

Located on the road connecting Co Ong airport to town, Tau Be cape is a check-in point in Con Dao that is loved by many tourists because of its poetic and majestic scenery with steep cliffs forming an arc. the whole sea.

Con Dao check-in point
Tau Be Cape – a super beautiful check-in point in Con Dao. Photo:

Not only attracting visitors by the wonderful and magnificent natural scenery, Tau Be cape is also the most beautiful sunrise viewing spot on the island. According to Con Dao travel experience , you need to come here between 4:30 and 4:45 am to wait and admire this wonderful scenery. 

Con Dao check-in point
From here, you can zoom your eyes to see a vast sea and sky. Photo:

Recently, travel enthusiasts also discovered another extremely interesting thing at Tau Be cape, which is the “natural swimming pool” made up of cliffs. The sea water here is very clear and cool, which can immediately help you relieve the heat.

Ong Dung Beach

About 3km west of the National Park, Ong Dung beach is also one of the very interesting check-in points in Con Dao. Like many other beaches on the island, this place has unspoiled landscapes and a fresh and cool natural environment.

Con Dao check-in point
Under this clear blue water are colorful coral reefs waiting for you to explore. Photo:

Having a rare and diverse ecosystem with mountains, forests, seas and coral reefs preserved almost intact, this is an ideal place for recreational activities such as sea fishing, picnicking or snorkeling. shout. You can watch corals near the shore by snorkeling, or join scuba diving tours. 

Con Dao check-in point
There are many cruise ships waiting for you right on the harbor to visit the neighboring islands. Photo:

Not only that, Ong Dung beach is also famous for the specialty of her breast snail. Therefore, when you come here, do not forget to enjoy this special delicious and nutritious dish. If you want to visit the surrounding small islands such as Hon Tre Lon, Hon Tre Nho, you can rent a canoe from a nearby ranger station. 

Con Dao check-in point
Come to Con Dao to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature. Photo:

As the pride of Ba Ria – Vung Tau tourism , Con Dao from a historical vestige with many ups and downs, has now become a famous tourist island, likened to a precious gem with wild and charming beauty. droopy. If you want to load up a lot of “vitamin Sea” in the upcoming holidays, Con Dao is an ideal suggestion for you.

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