Tourists ‘tips’ 4 beautiful beaches in Con Dao, stand in and have a ‘delicious’ virtual live photo

Top 4 beautiful beaches in Con Dao promises to bring visitors many attractive travel experiences, delight in capturing virtual live and immersing in the clear blue water of the most beautiful island in Vietnam. 

Nhat Beach

Con Dao is one of the most pristine and beautiful islands on the tourist map of Vietnam. This place used to be in the top of the most attractive destinations in the world with fresh landscapes and beautiful beaches. One of them is Bai Nhat located on the coastal road of Ben Dam. 

beach in Con DaoBai Nhat is one of the beautiful beaches in Con Dao. Photo: tuldge

The first time you set foot on this island and move from the town center to Bai Nhat, you will fully feel the charming beauty that nature favors. In the sweltering sun of the sea is a spectacular scene with one side of the mountains and forests, the other side is the blue sea with white sand. 

beach in Con DaoBeautiful blue sea in Bai Nhat. Photo: ttaammtttt

Bai Nhat used to be a public beach and located close to the main road. However, this place still retains its wild beauty, without much impact of human hands. Before your eyes, a fine white sand beach stretches along a large highway. Dotted on that sandy shore are undulating rocks, beautiful beyond words to describe. 

beach in Con DaoThe rocky beach is interspersed on the fine white sand. Photo:thaohip13

Traveling to Con Dao on a sunny day, you will find Bai Nhat more and more passionately beautiful. The sunshine and saltiness of the sea could not overshadow the emerald green water. The water here is clear to the bottom, blue shimmering on the rocks, creating a charming and enchanting beauty like any other tourist paradise in the world. 

beach in Con DaoThe clear and attractive blue sea water at Nhat beach. Photo: lmt.89

It seems that because of that beauty, Bai Nhat is considered a beautiful beach in Con Dao , every visitor should check in once. Coming here, you will enjoy bathing, swimming, diving, walking, taking virtual photos or simply watching the sunset or sunrise. The immensity of the ocean in front of you combined with the beauty of Bai Nhat, promises to bring visitors hundreds of beautiful check-in photos. 

Dam Trau Beach

One of the beautiful and clean beaches in Con Dao that tourists should visit is Dam Trau Beach, located near Co Ong airport, and about 14 km from the town center. Similar to Bai Nhat, this place is wild, dreamy and charming. People on the island also liken Dam Trau Beach to a “sleeping fairy”. 

beach in Con DaoDam Trau Beach owns a beautiful, wild and fresh seascape. Photo:nguyenthutrang1976

Not owning a large area like Bai Nhat, Bai Dam Trau is somewhat smaller. However, the advantage of this beach is that it is curved like a crescent moon, smooth and white sand. Along the coast are rows of green trees shading, adding to the romantic picture of this place. 

beach in Con DaoThis is the ideal place for you to take many virtual check-in photos. Photo: Mytour

The most special feature of Dam Trau Beach is probably the wide sandbank width. There is a large distance from the mainland to the water’s edge, suitable for visitors to take a walk or play interesting activities such as volleyball, football. In addition, the large sandy beach is ideal for tourists to enjoy swimming, especially during crowded Tet holidays. 

beach in Con DaoClear sea water, fine white sand. Photo: chudu24

Not only Dam Trau Beach, but most of the beautiful beaches in Con Dao have clear sea water. The jade green color fades when entering the sandy shore, but it is enough to create a great attraction for visitors to come here. The feeling of touching the cool sea water, jumping around and taking many check-in photos will leave many memorable memories on the table. 

beach in Con DaoTraveling to Con Dao, you must definitely check in Dam Trau Beach once. Photo: jackylefan

In addition to fun activities and swimming, Dam Trau Beach is also a great place for visitors to enjoy the sunset. The bright green colors of the sea water and the grass gradually “faded out”. And instead, the afternoon sunlight was bright yellow, orange yellow, then turned crimson, burgundy. It is also a beautiful time for visitors to raise their cameras and take the best photos. 

An Hai Beach

An Hai Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Con Dao, loved for its proximity to town and breathtaking seascapes. This beach with the interweaving of fine white sand, scattered rocks and clear blue sea, has created a very unique attraction for tourists from far and near when going to Con Dao.

beach in Con DaoAn Hai beach keeps its pristine and clear beauty. Photo: hoang.thu.4713

Compared to the two beaches mentioned above, An Hai Beach is somewhat busier because it is located near the resorts and the central area. Whether it’s dawn, dusk or sunny midday, this beach also has visitors walking, swimming and taking advantage of capturing beautiful moments on this pristine island.

beach in Con DaoThis beach is located quite close to the center. Photo:denisesandqvist

Although it is a place often crowded with people, An Hai beach is quite clean and the sea water is clear. When the sun rises, the ocean waves become sparkling in the sun. Along the coast are rows of green old poplars lying on the sandy shore, cheering with each wind. What could be more wonderful than when you sit under the cool trees and drop your soul into the picturesque Con Dao sea?

beach in Con DaoThis beach is suitable for swimming, taking virtual photos. Photo: builinh241212

In particular, coming to An Hai Beach, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the pier located above the beach. This is where the fishermen’s boats gather to anchor. If you wake up early and this beach watches the sunrise, you will see the image of fishermen busy preparing for fishing activities. 

beach in Con DaoWhite sand, blue sea and small boats in the distance are beautiful. Photo: hatram3813

In the cool afternoons, visitors can go to this beach with relatives and friends for a walk, swim or simply sit together to chat and find peace in the soul. Sometimes, traveling is to have really great moments in beautiful scenery, with the people we cherish in our lives.  

Hot Spring Beach 

Hot Spring Beach in Con Dao is a destination that you should not miss when coming to this island. This place is just a short distance from Dam Trau Beach, not too far or difficult to go. According to the experience of many tourists going to Con Dao , you need to cross a forest road to find this extremely pristine and beautiful beach. 

beach in Con DaoHot Springs Beach is as beautiful as a picture. Photo:phongnhaexplorer

What’s so attractive about Hot Springs Beach that everyone once checked in here? The first special feature is that this place possesses warm water, averaging about 50 degrees. You will feel like you are going to a sauna in the middle of a clear and peaceful open-air beach. Behind this beach is a mangrove ecosystem, verdant trees and exuding something mysterious. 

beach in Con DaoThe charming beauty of Hot Springs beach. Photo: Chudu24

If you look down from above, you will see a beautiful picture with 3 main colors. It is the green leaves of the forest, the fresh blue sea water and the pure white color of the long and curved sandy beach. Because this place is quite far from the center, and few people know it, it is often deserted. That immense space will belong to you, will be a place for you to enjoy taking photos.

beach in Con DaoEvery corner is a great place for you to check-in. Photo:Halo Travel

Not only is it a paradise for swimming and taking photos, but Hot Springs Beach is also considered a great place for camping. Visitors can find a high and clean corner to pitch a tent with friends, make a campfire at night, organize a BBQ party and sing to the sound of the waves. This will probably be a memorable memory when traveling to Con Dao in Ba Ria Vung Tau province . 

beach in Con DaoBlue sky, blue sea as beautiful as a picture. Photo:Food

In addition, if you like to have fun and exercise, scuba diving to see corals or playing football and volleyball on this beach is also very poetic. And no matter what activities you experience when you come here, remember to keep it clean, always clean up all kinds of garbage before you leave. This action, though small, contributes to keeping the beautiful beaches in Con Dao clean and attractive. 

beach in Con DaoEach beach in Con Dao is beautiful and has its own charm. Photo: dulich365

Today, Con Dao has become a tourist paradise in the South when possessing beautiful seascapes, blue sea water and many enchanting beaches. If you have the opportunity to come here to travel, remember to check in to all 4 beaches, namely Bai Nhat, Bai Dam Trau, Bai An Hai and Bai Hot Springs to fully enjoy the beauty that nature bestows on this island. 

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