Tre Binh Dinh – a popular but popular dish of the martial land

In addition to the famous fresh seafood dishes, Binh Dinh also has its very own specialty with the name tre. Tre Binh Dinh – the dish is prepared very simply but has a strangely delicious taste, attracting tourists and even the most gourmet.

Tre Binh Dinh – delicious dish of martial land

Tre is a famous dish of the Central region, in which Binh Dinh is known as the place “the king of children”. Because Binh Dinh bamboo has a very special delicious taste, it is a Binh Dinh specialty that you must try when coming here. If you have the opportunity to go on Highway 1A, passing through Binh Dinh, you will be very surprised to see many things that look like small “broomsticks” hanging in shops along the way. That is the child.


pacification child
Tre Binh Dinh is hungry just looking at it. Photo: Quy Nhon Me

The reason it looks like a broomstick at first glance is because the children are bundled up in dry straw, tied into solid segments. Many Binh Dinh tourists who have never known this dish will surely be curious by this interesting packaging.

Binh Dinh tre dish is not only unique from its name or packaging, its delicious taste also makes many diners, even the most discerning and gourmets, fall in love after enjoying it. It is unclear since when, tre has become a specialty of Binh Dinh, often appearing on the trays, in every drinking party or on important holidays to treat guests.

pacification child
Tre has a very unique way of wrapping, looking like small brooms. Photo: Quy Nhon Me

To make a delicious dish, the ingredients also need to be well-chosen. However, the ingredients to make this dish are extremely familiar and easy to find, including pork ears, hearing, pork head meat, pork belly, sesame, galangal, garlic, chili and young guava leaves.

pacification child
The ingredients to make the dish are very simple and easy to find. Photo: Foody

The steps are not too complicated but require meticulousness. After being exposed to boiling water, the pork is soaked in cold water to make the meat crispy, and when eaten, it does not stick. Then, the maker uses a knife to cut, season and taste to taste. You mix the meat with garlic, minced separately. Listen to the crushed rice and mix it well.

According to the people who have made Binh Dinh children for a long time, the season of marinating spices above is the most difficult. Workers have to calculate to fit their mouth and almost everyone has their own family secret.

pacification child
Seasoning is a very important step to create delicious Binh Dinh children’s dishes. Photo:

The next very important step to make this Binh Dinh specialty is the process of wrapping the baby. First, spread banana leaves and young guava leaves neatly and flat on top. You spread the mixture just made on top, roll tightly, firm hands. Next is to “put on a layer of straw” outside, tie the two ends tightly. This way of wrapping helps Binh Dinh bamboo dishes to last longer.

pacification child
Pig ears – an important ingredient for the dish. Photo: gonatour

pacification child
The baby wrapping step is also very important. You must pack it firmly, tightly. Photo: gonatour

Normally, children are left to ferment naturally, within 2-3 days of ripening, the spices also blend together. You can keep it in the fridge if you want it to last longer. A delicious dish is when you feel all the characteristic sour, spicy, sweet, fleshy, fatty flavors right from the first bite.

Tre Binh Dinh has an affordable price with its own unique flavor, strange mouth and makes you remember forever.

pacification child
Tre Binh Dinh – a familiar dish on the trays of indigenous people. Photo: vnexpress

The best way to eat Binh Dinh bamboo

To enjoy the most delicious Binh Dinh bamboo dish , you also need experience. When eating, visitors have to peel off the outer layer of straw, use chopsticks to beat the meat to make the hearing layer more even. Then put on a plate to eat.

You can eat this Binh Dinh specialty with rice paper, raw vegetables such as laksa leaves, acrid bananas, fish sauce, herbs, cucumber, and lemon juice. When eating, you will feel all the flavors, the deliciousness of hearing, of spices, to the freshness of vegetables. Just imagining it is enough to stimulate the taste buds.

pacification child
Tre can be eaten with many other ingredients such as rice paper, raw vegetables, chili garlic sauce to enhance the taste. Photo: chagiotomdatbinhdinh

Tre is best eaten at the right time of ripe fermentation. If eaten too early, children have not yet fermented, not enough sweet, salty, and rich. This is a suitable snack for lunch or late afternoon in Binh Dinh travel . In addition, children are also very suitable gifts and travel gifts.

pacification childTre Binh Dinh has many different ways of eating. Photo: Binh Dinh specialties

Currently, Binh Dinh children are produced, packaged, and preserved well, so you can buy them and enjoy them on the trip. It is not difficult to find this dish on the way to visit and explore Binh Dinh.

pacification child
Do not miss children when traveling to Binh Dinh. Photo: dulichkhampha24

Besides Binh Dinh children, what other specialties are there?

According to Binh Dinh tourism experience or Quy Nhon tourism , not only the natural scenery, in this beautiful land, besides children, there are many other delicious dishes. Not only in Binh Dinh , you should also try burnt shrimp pancakes (Ba Nam My Cang restaurant, Ong Hung restaurant), cake with little prickly leaves, sweet squid, vermicelli, fresh seafood, crab, spring rolls , herring salad, fish sauce….

Every dish is delicious and attractive, it is worth trying when coming here. In general, Binh Dinh specialties all have their own attractive features, contributing to a diverse cuisine that attracts tourists.

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