April 30, no need to go far, going to Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm is fun

Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm with green natural space, colorful flower gardens and many attractive games will be an ideal destination for holidays or weekends.

Find the coordinates of the Golden Cow farm now 

The poetic land of Thanh has only Pu Luong or the famous Sam Son beach. This land has many beautiful check-in points, suitable for you and your relatives and friends to celebrate the upcoming 30/4 holiday. One of them is the Golden Cow farm – a destination that will reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic . 


Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Golden Cow Thanh Hoa Farm is located about 60 km from the city center. Photo: FB Golden Cow

Golden Cow Thanh Hoa Farm is located in Minh Quang village, Luong Son commune, Thuong Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province. From the city center to here about 60 km, you can follow Highway 47 combined with Google Maps to accurately locate the road to the farm. 

Golden Cow � green space with fragrant flower gardens

Golden Cow also has another name, School Farm – a place that regularly organizes meaningful entertainment and fun activities for children. This place has a spacious, airy space, many check-in corners, many interesting games. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or hanging out with your loved one, Golden Cow has an engaging experience that’s right for you. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa is a suitable destination for weekends, holidays and Tet holidays. Photo: FB Golden Cow

With a total area of ????up to 20 hectares, Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm is built into gardens of colorful flowers, vegetable gardens and an area for raising livestock, poultry, and gardens. animal. In addition, there are huts and houses on stilts to serve the needs of tourists to rest and stay overnight. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa has a poetic picture of nature with fragrant flower gardens. Photo: FB Golden Cow

With its location in a spacious rural area, the air at the farm is always fresh and cool. Coming here, you can drop your soul into a beautiful natural picture, with green colors of trees, red, white, yellow, … of fragrant flowers, strange grass. Whether you are a local resident or a first-time visitor to Thanh Hoa , Golden Cow is also the ideal place for you to have many memorable travel experiences. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Each season on the farm will have different flowers. Photo: FB Golden Cow

If you visit Golden Cow for the first time, you will surely love the spacious, peaceful space and many beautiful photo angles of this place. Walking along the farm, visitors will encounter the long green grasslands, lying hugging the blower – which is the symbol of this farm. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Cute scene at Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm. Photo: FB Golden Cow

This destination in Thanh Hoa has many attractions for tourists. But the colorful flower gardens are the most attractive. Each season of the year, the farm will flexibly grow appropriate flowers, serving the photography needs of tourists near and far.

Spring has chrysanthemums, brilliant roses. In the summer, there are butterflies and sunflowers. Autumn has persimmons and cypresses. In winter, there are triangles of buckwheat and daisies here. In addition, the farm has countless other beautiful flowers, adorning the picture with shimmering colors. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
It is not difficult for you to take many “so deep” photos at Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm. Photo: FB Golden Cow

If young people are fascinated by flower gardens when visiting Golden Cow, housewives are excited by the farm’s vegetable gardens. There are all kinds of vegetables and fruits grown in a clean agricultural model. If you come to the farm in the right harvest season, you can also buy it to cook delicious meals. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Sweet beauty of panse flowers in Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm. Photo: FB Golden Cow

Attractive entertainment spots on holidays and weekends 

On the official fanpage, Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm has announced that it will reopen for service on the upcoming holiday of April 30. So, if you don’t know where to go, plan to come here with family and friends. Just one day to visit the farm, you can unleash your best, play freely, forget all the stress and sorrow. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa is a suitable tourist destination for families, groups of friends or couples. Photo: FB Golden Cow

After a photo session with the flower gardens and miniatures on the farm, visitors can jump into the swimming pool to bathe, immerse themselves in the cool blue water.

If you like experiential activities, try visiting the fishing area to find and catch fish swimming in the water. This is a fun and interesting activity that both adults and children can participate in when visiting Golden Cow. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Catching fish in the pond is an interesting activity at Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm. Photo: FB Golden Cow

In addition, you can also spend time visiting the zoo to visit and take pictures with cute and funny ostriches, goats and wild boars. If you come here with your children, grandchildren or younger siblings, they will be very interested and excited. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Thanh Hoa Golden Cow Farm also has a zoo for visitors to visit and take photos: FB Golden Cow

Traveling to Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm, visitors not only have fun or take pictures. But this place also has many specialty dishes of Thanh for you to choose to enjoy after a full day of activities.

Delicious dishes such as pot rice, grilled chicken, grilled meat and fresh green vegetables on the farm will surely bring a delicious and fun meal for you and your companions. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Don’t forget to enjoy delicious specialties at Golden Cow Thanh Hoa farm. Photo: FB Golden Cow

It can be said that Golden Cow farm is a very popular check-in point in Thanh Hoa. This place is not too famous, but with a large space, beautiful natural scenery and many interesting experiences, promises to bring you a fun and memorable short trip. 

Golden Cow Farm Thanh Hoa
Thanh Hoa Golden Cow Farm is a suitable place to organize fun trips and picnics for primary school students. Photo: FB Golden Cow

In particular, the farm also has programs to visit, play and experience specifically for school age. If you are a teacher, you can also plan for your students to come here to have fun after stressful school hours. 

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