Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather

Au Stream Vinh An is a new destination, attracting tourists by its wild, lyrical and poetic beauty. In the early days of autumn, going downstream, enjoying the gentle and pleasant feeling at Au Vinh An stream is a fascinating experience.

A little about Au Vinh An stream, Thanh Hoa

Au Vinh An stream is located in Vinh An commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province, about 150km south of Hanoi. In recent years, it has attracted many tourists to visit, admire, relax and take pictures.

You can visit Au stream at any time of the year. But if you want to fully admire the beauty of the stream, you should visit on autumn days. Mountains and rivers blend together, bringing wild beauty, making first-time visitors fall in love immediately. 

Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather
Au Stream Vinh An is an attractive destination for tourists when the weather turns to autumn

Want to get to Au stream, you move along National Highway 1A, to the territory of Ha Trung district. At this time, you turn right onto Highway 217 to the section producing handicrafts, turn left and follow the signpost to enter Linh Ung Pagoda. After that, you just follow the instructions and you will reach Au stream. If you find it difficult to move, you can look up google map or ask the locals how to go to Au stream.


Experience the beauty of Au Vinh An stream

Going down the water, visiting the scenery, visitors feel the enchanting beauty of Vinh An stream. The last rays of sunlight crept through each tree top and mixed with the yellow color of leaves in autumn, making Au stream more sparkling. On the boat carrying about four people, floating on the water, feeling the beauty of the cliffs, caves with strange shapes in the stream bed.

Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather
Floating on the water watching the beauty of the stream, the surrounding scenery

Au Stream Vinh An is a swampy, low-lying area. With such ideal conditions, Au stream has become the residence of many species of creatures. In the autumn sky, the image of flocks of white storks flying paints a picture of a peaceful countryside. The trees are in the season of changing leaves, creating a very romantic and flying beauty. Possessing a poetic scenery, Au stream every autumn attracts many tourists to visit, admire and take pictures. In addition, on Au stream, people also grow water lilies. Around October and November, water lilies bloomed and dyed a whole Au stream pink.  

Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather
Au Stream Vinh An is more sparkling when the water lilies bloom on the water surface when the weather turns to autumn


Au Stream is famous for its round tubers

In mid-February of the lunar calendar, local people start planting larva. From September to November of the solar calendar, dozens of people are busy harvesting tubers. Back in the poor years, people took that tuber to eat and consider it a food crop against hunger. But later on, people’s lives improved, tubers have become specialties for tourists. Anyone who comes here in the summer season wants to buy tubers as gifts for relatives and friends. 

Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather
Interesting experience in the spring tuber harvest season


Some notes for the trip to Au Vinh An stream

It is a swampy, lowland area, so you should remember to prepare your own protective clothing. Avoid the case of accidentally stepping into the swamp to dirty your clothes, have a change of clothes immediately. To facilitate travel by this low-lying terrain, you should ask a local guide to guide you to visit Au stream. They are always happy to take you to discover all the beauty of the stream.

Coming to Au stream, you should prepare food for the day. Otherwise, you can contact people to order rice in advance. Coming to Au stream, you should not miss enjoying the famous folk dishes in this land, which are braised carp, harrow gears, banana leaf button wine, fried bitter bamboo shoots, boiled hill chicken… In addition to admiring the beauty of Au stream, you can combine a visit to Linh Ung pagoda, located right next to Au stream, built during the Ly Dynasty. Or you can visit the Ho Dynasty citadel, Tien Son cave, Dong Mon ancient village, Cam Luong fish stream…

Au Stream in Vinh An is a new attraction for tourists in the autumn weather
The journey to experience the beauty of Au Vinh An stream, visitors do not miss to enjoy the delicious braised carp with melon

When the weather turns to autumn, a visit to Au Vinh An stream is an ideal choice. Fully converging the beauty of a romantic scene, Au stream brings you interesting and attractive experiences. So, what are you waiting for, without setting up a schedule with a friend or someone to come to Au stream to save a memorable moment of the journey of youth full of dreams and ambitions.

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