Don’t go to Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall, lest you get “fatigued” and don’t want to go back

Ba Sy Kon Tum Waterfall is one of the destinations that still retains its original and fresh beauty. This place is like a magnificent picture, exuding the wild and powerful nature of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

Where is Ba Sy Waterfall?  

The mountains and forests of the Central Highlands are famous for their vast forests and beautiful waterfalls, painting a beautiful picture of nature. Traveling to this land, you can experience a peaceful and wild life, immerse yourself in the picture of fresh and peaceful nature. 


Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallBa Sy Kon Tum Waterfall is located about 60 km from the city center. Photo: Vanhien

Coming to Kon Tum, you can visit Kon Tum wooden church, Kon Klor suspension bridge and visit Ba Sy waterfall. This is a waterfall located in the eco-tourism area of ??Kon Tu Rang village, Mang Canh commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province.

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallThis waterfall is located in an eco-tourism area. Photo: Thanh Nien

From the city center to here is about 60 km. It only takes you about 1.5-2 hours to travel on winding roads, green trees to check in Ba Sy waterfall – a beautiful destination in Kon Tum with this clear and peaceful space. 

The enchanting beauty of Ba Sy mountain 

Pa Sy Kon Tum Waterfall is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, the climate is cool all year round, the air is fresh and pleasant. This waterfall is formed from the 3 largest streams in Mang Den.

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallBa Sy Waterfall is made up of 3 streams. Photo: Viettravel

According to the language of the Ro Mam ethnic group, Ba Sy waterfall is called Pau Suh waterfall. This name is gradually being read as Ba Sy by the people, which is both easy to hear and easy to remember for tourists from the lowlands to the uplands. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallThe pristine and pure beauty of Ba Sy waterfall. Photo: Wikipedia

Ba Sy Waterfall is made up of 3 streams, pouring down from above. From a distance, the waterfall looks like a pure white silk strip amidst the green backdrop of the mountains. At the foot of the waterfall is a calm, clear blue lake that radiates coolness and comfort to everyone coming here. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallBeautiful white silk in the middle of the vast mountains. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

To reach Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall , visitors have to go through the forest with rows of shady trees. Step by step, each foot moves down the bumpy stone steps, you will see the waterfall gradually appear with the sound of rushing water, steam blowing into the cool space. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallThe resort also has a beautiful flower garden. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Ba Sy Kon Tum Waterfall is most beautiful when the Central Highlands enters the rainy season, the water pours more, creating the echoing sound of the mountains. To fully enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, you can stand at the bridge across the lake. 

From here, a large waterfall is clearly visible, you can raise your eyes to see the waterfall up to 40 meters high. Each water splashed white foam, extremely strong and majestic in the vastness of thousands. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallMany couples choose this place as a wedding photography spot. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Surely you cannot miss the opportunity to capture many beautiful and magical photos. Whether taking a panorama or close-up, the waterfall appears with a majestic, magnificent and proud look. Visitors can also stand on the bridge, take some virtual photos to check in on Facebook. 

Other fascinating experiences at Ba Sy waterfall 

Originally an eco-tourism area with a beautiful waterfall in Kon Tum , when you come here, you will experience many interesting activities. The area of ??this place is up to 25 hectares, with full infrastructure to serve tourists to visit and relax. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallSeen from any angle, Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall is also very beautiful. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

When you come here for the first time, you will be able to open your eyes in front of the cultural communal house imbued with the culture of the Central Highlands, visit the handicraft production workshops or visit the cultural display house of the local people. Ro Mam tribe. In addition, if you have time, you can also explore more green vegetable and flower farms. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallSummer is the best time to explore Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

The area at the foot of Ba Sy Kom Tum waterfall has many small huts so you can rest and watch the beauty of the waterfall from afar. This cool space is ideal for you to enjoy delicious specialties such as lam rice, shredded chicken or a warm cup of wine.

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallA full range of tourist services are available here. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

If you want a really chill trip to Kon Tum , sip a strong cup of coffee, enjoy the taste of the typical drink of the Central Highlands mountains. Surely, the feeling of drinking coffee in the midst of the vastness must be very different from the experience of coffee in luxury shops. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallOther beautiful little corners in the tourist area. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

In addition to the experiences in the Ba Sy eco-tourism area, visitors can also spend time visiting Kon Tu Rang village. This small village is located around the Pa Sy waterfall area, where many Mo Nam people are living. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallThe lake water is clear and peaceful. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Visiting the village, you have the opportunity to learn and discover the beauty of cultural identity in community activities. Many traditional occupations such as knitting baskets, baskets, baskets to serve production, family activities, etc. have been preserved for hundreds of years. Especially when coming to the village of the Mo Nam people, you can also eat river fish, wild vegetables, forest roots, etc., processed according to traditional flavors. 

To better understand the lifestyle of the residents in the village, visitors can participate in gong exchanges, campfires and participate in community activities. If you want to stay overnight, you can stay in the traditional stilt house of your relatives. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallThis place is a destination not to be missed when you return to Kon Tum. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Each activity in Mo Nam village helps you gain more life experience and knowledge about a new land. The combination of the majestic but peaceful picture of Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall along with the very own cultural values ??of the local residents promises to bring you a fun and meaningful trip to Kon Tum. 

Note when coming to Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall 

Along with many other famous tourist attractions, Ba Sy Kom Tum waterfall has gradually become a check-in point that tourists cannot miss when traveling here. Wild, majestic and fresh are the best things that this waterfall possesses. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallYou can also enjoy delicious dishes of ethnic minorities. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

However, the journey to conquer the waterfall is not an easy thing when the slope of the road down to the waterfall is quite large. There are precarious steps here, requiring you to move very carefully. Ideally, you should hold firmly to the wooden railing and go slowly down the waterfall. 


Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallSee the beauty of Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall from afar. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Currently, the ticket price to visit the waterfall is 15,000 VND/person. If you want to enjoy the delicious dishes here, the price will be clearly listed depending on the dish you choose. Basically, the price is considered by many people to be reasonable, you can save a lot of money if you go in a large group.

Each season of the year, Ba Sy Kon Tum waterfall has its own beauty and attractive experiences for visitors. Coming here in the summer, you can camp around the foot of the waterfall, enjoy peaceful moments. In winter, campfire activities, community activities with villagers at night are the perfect choice. 

Ba Sy Kon Tum WaterfallInteresting exchange programs with local residents. Photo: FB Ba Sy Mang Den Waterfall Tourism

Today, tourism in the Central Highlands is increasingly developing with many attractive tourist destinations. If you have the opportunity to come here to visit, remember to visit Ba Sy waterfall – a beautiful and pristine destination, like a unique break in the midst of vast green and peaceful mountains.

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