Experience of traveling to the mountain town of Gia Lai – Kon Tum of a young girl

The 4-day trip to the mountain town of Pleiku and Kon Tum left many memories in the young girl from Hai Phong because of the beauty and interesting traditions of this place.

The Central Highlands is inherently a new, strange destination and has not developed much in terms of tourism. However, it is a great choice for those who love to explore, love to experience and especially want to escape the crowded city. That’s why the young girl from Hai Phong � Tran Thu Thuy decided to choose Pleiku and Kon Tum for her new journey.

After finishing the trip of 4 days and 3 nights, below are the travel experiences of Thu Thuy.

Go how?

There are many ways to get to Pleiku (Gia Lai), depending on your budget and needs, you can book a plane ticket or a sleeper bus for your trip. However, currently airlines are flooded with cheap tickets, so to save time you can choose this way of travel. If you can find cheap tickets, it’s only about 1,100,000 VND/person/round trip (flying from Hai Phong to Pleiku).

PleikuYou can choose to go by plane to save time.

Usually, flights from Hai Phong to Pleiku about 4 days will have one flight. With such a time frame, it is quite suitable to travel in Pleiku and to other nearby destinations such as Kontum (49 km away), Buon Ma Thuot (160 km away), Quy Nhon (170 km), …

Where to stay in Pleiku � Kon Tum?

Hotels in the Central Highlands are quite cheap, averaging only 200,000 – 500,000 VND/night. You can choose to stay at Cao Nguyen Hotel at 16 Hoang Van Thu. Spacious, clean room, friendly staff, close to restaurants, coffee shops, night market and about 4.5 km from the airport. Room price: 852,000 VND / 3 nights / 2 people / 2 single beds. 

At the hotel, there is a motorbike rental service, priced at 150,000 VND / day. Or if not, you can contact Mr. Thang – phone 0888.852.906 to rent, price 120,000 VND/day, car delivery service available at the airport.

4-day itinerary to explore two pieces of mountain town

Day 1: Dai Doan Ket Square – Minh Thanh Pagoda – Bien Ho – Bien Ho tea – Korean road 

Dai Doan Ket Square

Located right in the city center. In the middle of the square is the statue of President Ho Chi Minh, behind are sculptures depicting the rhythm of life, culture and people of the great country.

PleikuThe square is home to a huge statue of President Ho Chi Minh

Minh Thanh Temple

Located about 2 km from the city center, you find Nguyen Viet Xuan street and then ask people for directions to the temple. This is a temple influenced by Chinese and Japanese Buddhist architecture, the pride of the people of Pleiku mountain town and a spiritual tourist destination not to be missed when coming to this land.

HighlandsGate to Minh Thanh Pagoda

HighlandsImpressive corners at the magnificent temple – Minh Thanh

Bien Ho (Lake T’Nung) 

If anyone travels to Gia Lai , they must definitely visit T’Nung Lake. This is known as the “eyes of the mountain town” and is also the most beautiful lake in the Central Highlands. The water is as natural as jade, especially at the beginning of the cheap road to Bien Ho, there is a very beautiful pine forest, around there are stairs leading down to the lake, you can stand there to take virtual pictures. This destination is 7 km from the city center. Entrance fee is 10,000 VND, parking ticket is 5,000 VND. 

HighlandsBien Ho – the place known as “the eyes of the mountain town”

Tea Lake

From the center, you move about 10 km, you will come to Bien Ho tea. Stop at the long shady road, flanked by two straight rows of pine trees and surrounded by a gentle tea lake. The vast tea plantations look very pleasing to the eye. Going beyond this green pine road for a bit, you can visit Buu Minh Pagoda, which is also a temple with very beautiful and monumental architecture. 

HighlandsTea Lake – Gia Lai’s virtual living spot

Korean Road

On the way to Bien Ho Che, you will see the legendary coniferous pine tree that Gia Lai people call “the Korean road”. This is one of the most beautiful and beautiful check-in places in Pleiku. You should come here in the afternoon. 

HighlandsKorean road right in Pleiku

At this time, there will be the golden sun of the sunset falling, through the trees, combined with the red road, for very natural and beautiful photos. 

HighlandsThe afternoon light makes the road shimmering

Day 2: Phu Cuong waterfall – Tan Son dam – Chu Dang Ya volcano 

Phu Cuong Waterfall

About 48 km southeast of Pleiku city, Phu Cuong waterfall is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Gia Lai province. Recently there is Thac Ba, located in a small village, here you can admire the majesty of the waterfall and take souvenir photos.

HighlandsThe majesty of Phu Cuong waterfall

This is an irrigation dam located on a turn of the road to Chu Dang Ya volcano. On the way to explore the volcano, you can stop here, stand from the dyke to see the city and admire a scene of yellow rice on one side and green mountain on the other.

HighlandsThe beauty of Tan Son Dam

Chu Dang Ya Volcano

Mam is about 30 km from Gia Lai mountain town, this is a vestige of a volcano that has been dormant for a long time. The access road is quite easy, mainly concrete, there is a village road but going in the dry season is not a problem. Here wild sunflowers grow a lot along the foothills, an ideal background for virtual living.

HighlandsDiscover Gia Lai’s Chu Dang Ya volcano

Day 3: City. Kontum – Wooden Church – Bishop’s House – Kon Klor Rong House – Kon Klor Suspension Bridge – Rubber Forest – Pleiku

Kon Tum city in Kon Tum province, is a place where you can visit bishops, ancient churches, … and many other tourist attractions.

Wooden Church

With a centuries old age, it always captivates all who come here by its unique Roman architectural beauty. Located on Nguyen Hue Street, Thong Nhat, Kon Tum City, moving to Wooden Church is not difficult.

HighlandsWooden Church is a famous destination in Kon Tum

HighlandsA corner on the side of the church

Episcopal See

This is one of the hot tourist attractions in Kon Tum attracting tourists to visit. The building is a harmonious combination of Western architecture with traditional Vietnamese architecture. 

HighlandsThe entrance to the Bishop’s Palace

The unique feature of the bishop’s building is made from precious woods of old age. Quite close to the wooden church. Currently, the bishopric has a set time to visit, on Sundays, during office hours.

Rong House Kon Klor

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, the Rong house was built in the traditional style with bold culture of the people of the Central Highlands. This is a place for people to gather on important occasions. Besides, big festivals such as gong festival, New Year’s Eve… people will gather to organize them at Kon Klor communal house.

Kon Klor . Suspension Bridge

Kon Klor suspension bridge is considered the largest and most beautiful cable-stayed bridge in the Central Highlands. The bridge is considered a symbol of Kon Tum province and also the pride of the people here, is a destination that you cannot miss when visiting this Central Highlands land.

HighlandsThe suspension bridge that everyone does not forget to check-in when coming to Kon Tum

Rubber forest

Located in Chu Pah district. On the way to Pleiku, you will see a fork turning into the Ialy hydroelectric power station. Going about 500m, you will meet a road where two sides are vast pine forests, so the right hand is a rubber forest. 

HighlandsRubber forest � an equally beautiful place to take pictures

Day 4: Pleiku – Hai Phong

In the morning you can get up early, walk around, enjoy the taste of coffee in the mountain town, eat breakfast before checking out and ending the journey.

What to eat in Pleiku – Kon Tum?

Coming to a new land, in addition to discovering the destinations and culture, the food is also very worth experiencing. You can visit the night market on Hoang Van Thu street where there are many dishes such as flooded meat, loui ram, grilled meat rolls, grilled beef rolls, fried corn, fried sticky rice with roasted chicken, mixed bread,…

Also, don’t forget to stop by Su Van Hanh street to enjoy dry pho, banh xeo in lane 47 Hoang Van Thu, Mrs. Dung’s tea on Nguyen Thai Hoc street, vermicelli vermicelli – Nguyen Tat Thanh street, etc. Prices range from 25,000 to 25,000 VND. 30,000 VND/bowl.

The total cost for this trip is only 2,500,000 VND/person. Too cheap for a trip with a lot of experience. If you have time, please take the time to explore these two lands to see how beautiful Vietnam is.

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