Pu Luong in the ripe rice season – A rustic feature of Thanh’s nature

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season with bright yellow colors mixed in the green of the wild mountains is the promised land in Thanh Hoa for backpackers who love to explore.

No need to go to the far Northwest,  Pu Luong in the ripe rice season also has golden terraced fields, bringing dreamy charm. There, visitors can admire the natural picture with simple beauty mixed with clouds and sky.

Discover the beauty of Pu Luong in the ripe rice season

Pu Luong time in the ripe rice season

Pu Luong belongs to two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc, about 130 km from Thanh Hoa city to the northwest. The best time to travel to Pu Luong is around June and October. If the rice fields are green in June, October is when Pu Luong is brilliant with the golden color of ripe rice. The terraced fields on the hillside are covered with splendid golden robes, bringing a feeling of abundance and peace.

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season Pu Luong in the ripe rice season brings peace and dreams. Photo: BAOMOI.COM

Especially, Pu Luong belongs to the lowland limestone mountains with many tropical forests, so when visiting, visitors will feel the mild and airy weather. And even if you come at any time of the year, you can also admire the misty scenery covering the highlands, the simple and poetic beauty of the land of Thanh.

Silence in front of Pu Luong’s nature in the ripe rice season

Find out about Pu Luong in the ripe rice season , the natural scenery here will make you fall in love. The deep green color of the mountains and forests blends with the yellow color of the fields stretching along Ba Thuoc district to create a picture that is both majestic and romantic, making anyone who meets it surprised. 

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season Golden rice in the fields of Pu Luong. Photo: BAOMOI.COM

In Pu Luong every morning, you are awakened by the sweet scent of ripe rice. By the window frame, clouds float across the valley, like touching each fragrant rice grain. That moment of clouds and rice is only happening in a moment, but it makes you bewildered forever.

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season The green color of the mountains and forests of Pu Luong blends with the yellow color of ripe rice to create a poetic and lyrical landscape. Photo: BAOMOI.COM

When the fog clears, start your day by wandering the surrounding villages. Ignoring the difficulties on the way, you take in the eyes of the peaceful and poetic scenery. The houses on stilts are located close together, surrounded by golden terraced fields. Not stretching to the horizon like Mu Cang Chai, but the rice fields here have a modest, simple but dear beauty.

Attractions to enjoy Pu Luong in the ripe rice season

Visiting Pu Luong , visitors can choose from many stops to admire the poetic scenery of terraced fields in the ripe rice season. Especially, Pu Luong peak is 1,700 m high, where visitors can fully capture the breathtaking landscape of the valley at the foot of the mountain

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season From the top of Pu Luong, you can see the sea of ??golden rice hidden in the early clouds. Photo: Vnexpress

And you also don’t miss the journey to Son – Ba – Muoi, the dark and charming place of Pu Luong. Overcoming the dangerous roads of Nua, Trinh, Hin, and Ba villages or steep mountain slopes is to a peaceful and picturesque place. The folds of wooden stilt houses that have turned the color of time appear in the middle of rice fields interspersed with quiet and peaceful corn. In the afternoon, there was silver smoke coming from the kitchen roof with the cheerful voices of local people, a warm and moving scene.

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season Simple but dear scene in Pu Luong. Photo: BAOMOI.COM 

Pu Luong is not only the ripe rice season . There are also many villages with lyrical scenery and unique culture. Trekking through Pu Luong, visitors encounter Muong village with majestic terrain and caves with magical stalactites. Or it is the village of Pon, Thanh Cong, Cao Hoong, Ban Kit, Ban Uoi … with simple houses and unique ethnic culture. It is the stall dance, the spread dance, the luong singing or the flexible, beautiful and mesmerizing Khap Thai dance. 

pu luong mua lua chin 4The water wheel by the stream is a feature of the Thai – Muong ethnic group. Photo: Pinterest

The journey to visit the villages, visitors also admire the typical water wheel of the Thai people. A peaceful scene with the sound of running water, bringing freshness and relaxation. Besides, there are some other attractions you can visit such as: Hieu waterfall, Want waterfall, Pho Doan market, Kho Muong cave…

Journey to conquer Pu Luong

The road throughout in conquering Pu Luong in the ripe rice season is road 15C. If starting from Hanoi or some northern provinces, you should follow the direction to Ban Lac, Mai Chau of Hoa Binh. After that, you continue to move to Co Luong, Dong Dien and then you will cross 15C street. From here, just run along the Ma River and you will come to Pu Luong nature reserve.

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season Pu Luong valley seen from Lung Van. Photo: Vnexpress

The road to Pu Luong, you will pass through Lung Van. This place is quite winding and steep, but in return, the scenery on both sides of the road is majestic and wild. You will see the clouds embracing the mountain body or the misty layer in the valley, a pure and lyrical scene. The total distance traveled is about 200 km and the pass time is about 4-5 hours.

Pu Luong in the ripe rice season The road in Pu Luong. Photo: Cungphuot.info

If the handlebars are hard or you have a companion, try to experience the thrill with a motorbike trip. Mastering the journey, exploring the pass, watching the scenery along the way, feeling extremely stimulating and interesting.

Wake up one morning, leave the noise in the city, come to Pu Luong in the ripe rice season, the peaceful and quiet space here helps you dispel all your troubles. The rice fields are brilliant in the sun, the valleys or hillsides are covered with green grass and trees, the eyes or smiles of the mountains… make you miss it indescribably.

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