There is a ‘miniature Northwest’ named Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa

Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa with the wild features of terraced fields, idyllic villages and zigzag roads like the Northwest mountains.

Lost in the romantic natural area of ??Kho Muong 

The land of Thanh is famous for its attractive tourist attractions such as Sam Son beach, Hai Tien beach, Ben En national park, etc. But few people know that in this land there is a beautiful destination like the Northwest mountains and hills. . That is Kho Muong valley, located on the peak of Pu Luong mountain range. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
Kho Muong valley is located about 150 km from the center of Thanh Hoa city. Photo: Google Site

If you are a travel lover, you have heard of Pu Luong – the land known as the “Bali of Vietnam” with wild scenery, green terraced fields, creating an impressive natural picture. attractive. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
This valley covers an area of ??about 280 hectares, located on the Pu Luong mountain range. Photo: Kho Muong Tourism 

Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa is considered a small part of Pu Luong. This place is located deep in Pu Luong National Nature Reserve, 150 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city center. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
There is a village of Thai ethnic people. Photo: nguyetlin

To get to this beautiful valley, you can follow the National Highway 1A route, go to National Highway 217 and then continue along National Highway 15C. During the journey, you can combine with Google Maps or ask the locals to avoid getting lost. 

Kho Muong – destination for nature-loving souls

Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa with relatively flat topography, with an area of ??about 280 hectares, is home to about 60 Thai ethnic households. Perhaps because it is completely separate from the bustling city life, when coming to Kho Muong, you will feel the real tranquility. From the stilt roofs nestled on the mountainside, from the dense green roads to the terraced fields spread throughout the space. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The road to Kho Muong is arduous and difficult, but the scenery is breathtaking. Photo: trai_vang

The road to Kho Muong is quite difficult because of the winding mountainous terrain, the tiny roads lean back against the cliffs, directing themselves down to the valley covered with terraced fields and immense and immense forests. Mother Nature’s hand is really skillful in arranging topography and terrain, creating conditions for people to live and maintaining the majesty of the vastness. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The terraced fields in Kho Muong are as beautiful as the Northwest. Photo: gabriel_le05

Originally a valley, Kho Muong is surrounded by old, densely green forests. When you look down from above, you will see the simple stilt roofs of people lying peacefully near the foot of the mountain. Here, all the houses are wooden stilt houses, with thatch roofs and simple palm roofs. People usually live and live on the upper floors. The lower floor has space to raise animals such as cattle. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
Although the rice season has been harvested, this place still has its own beauty. Photo: charicainzo

An interesting thing in Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa is that the houses have quite similar designs, almost only in size. Therefore, when viewed from above, you will see this place as a model resort. The roofs on stilts thatched with straw, thatched with palm trees are sheltered by tall trees in the garden. Life is not modern and comfortable, but it is peaceful and strangely comfortable.

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The scenery here is really peaceful and fresh. Photo: aroundki

People in Kho Muong village share, the best time to come here is in May and October. This is the season of golden ripe rice, the green terraced fields wear a bright yellow shirt every day. The natural picture of the mountains and forests becomes sweeter with the bent golden ripe rice flowers, with the kitchen smoke emanating from the houses in the village. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The stilt roofs of the Thai ethnic group are nestled at the foot of the mountain. Photo: kagaur

If you first set foot in Kho Muong valley , you will probably feel that the way is difficult and difficult. But once you reach this place, you will find the hard journey is worth it. How much trouble will disappear before the majesty of nature, so that the time you stay here really brings many memorable experiences in life.  

Memorable experiences in Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa 

Walking around Kho Muong village, enjoying local cuisine

Kho Muong is blessed with a majestic and magnificent landscape. So when traveling to Thanh Hoa , you can come here to enjoy a really peaceful life, really far away from the hustle and bustle out there. The feeling of walking on a small road in the middle of the village to see the unique houses or find a small stream in the valley and watch the clouds and sky is also great. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The journey to conquer Kho Muong is quite arduous. Photo: yourlocalfriend

Here, people know how to invest in building nicer and more spacious houses to serve tourists to visit. Therefore, you can choose to stay overnight or stay for a few days to learn more about the typical life and culture of the Thai people. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
Visitors can also enjoy delicious dishes such as lam rice, corn wine, banana flower salad,… Photo: Vntrip 
The Thai people in Kho Muong village preserve the beauty of traditional culture, customs and habits. Especially Thanh Hoa’s culinary culture is  shown through delicious dishes such as lam rice, bitter soup, forest banana flower salad, corn wine, etc. Each dish is prepared with the whole heart of the gentle villagers. kind, hospitable. 

Conquer the Bat Cave 

In the journey to discover Kho Muong , do not forget to take the time to admire the Bat cave (also known as Kho Muong cave). This is a cave belonging to a cave complex discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve, a destination in Thanh Hoa that is very popular with backpackers. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
Kho Muong Cave, also known as Bat Cave – a check-in point not to be missed. Photo: yourlocalfriend

Bat Cave is a destination for those who really love to explore and explore. Because the entrance to the cave is a craggy dirt road, it is very difficult to go around covered with forest trees. However, when overcoming obstacles, you will be amazed at the beauty of a cave formed from towering limestone rocks.  

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
This cave is inhabited by many species of bats. Photo: Charming Vietnam 

The deeper you go into the cave, the more you will open your eyes to the beauty of colorful stone blocks. From the limestone blocks, groundwater sometimes drips down, emitting a mysterious echoing sound.

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
On sunny days, the scenery here is wild and magnificent. Photo: Puluongtourism

Kho Muong Cave is also known as Bat Cave because there are many species of bats living here. There are about 4 different types that inhabit the burrow, there are bats that eat insects and those that only like to eat fruit. 

Kho Muong Thanh Hoa valley
The road to Bat Cave is quite difficult, you should only explore this place in the dry season. Photo: Ba Thuoc – Thanh Hoa GOV

When you cannot go to famous tourist destinations during the epidemic season, tourist attractions with beauty in harmony with nature such as Kho Muong valley in Thanh Hoa become the first choice, helping you have a real trip. meaning and feeling many different perspectives on life. 

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