MARIO INFINITY Airdrop 5.000.000$

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Divide 5 million US dollars of MRO token together GIA DAO total 1%MRO TokenUsed as an early airdrop Use DAO to solve the current black-box operation of online projects on the IDO platform; let real valuable projects surface!


Making seed rounds accessible to everyone Pick up rules:


Complete the form below; – Joint Telegram – Follow Twitter & Youtube – Like & Retweet prinned post – Drop your Trust wallets address (BSC-BEP20) to your retweet post As long as you invite one person, you can get the airdrop; The more people you invite, the more airdrops you get;


Time period: 2022.04.17–2022.05.17; After the event end use the BSC address filled in, log in to the official website, and you can receive the airdrop. 25% is used for the trust interactive airdrop of ordinary pioneers, and 15% is used for mining; Game NFT Mario Infinity 1024x576 1


Thank you everyone for supporting Mario infinity. If you need more information, please contact us via telegram


1. Introduction


Traditional games have developed up to now, have gone through many stages, good games are constantly being released;

The current main toll model is from the time-based fee model, the most basic product dealer, to the current tool fee model, which is also the explosive premise of combining NFT with game tools. after that.


About us:

Gala Games is committed to creating a decentralized gaming social platform. GalaGames has launched and plans to launch a number of multi-series games, and the games under Gala Games are also very “contextual”, not only diverse in genres and styles but also rich in content. The “using blockchain” approach advocated by Gala Games is actually building games and innovating, it will persistently seek to “serve

players with blockchain”. In other words, the basic logic of the existence and operation of Gala Games is not to use certain technologies

to prove the availability of blockchain, but to use blockchain technology as a tool to create top-level games. with

blockchain is the underlying technology. The two giants Gala Games and Nintendo shook hands, creating an unlimited alliance. The first product was MARIO INFINITY,

Nintendo’s largest game franchise, where anyone can contribute to the GalaGames ecosystem through expert gaming experiences.


2. Game Overview


MARIOINFINITY is the main product of Gala Games to build a decentralized gaming social platform, anyone can contribute to the Gala Games ecosystem through expert gaming experience. • You can play this game through the wallet’s DAPP. Android and iOS versions coming soon. • Simple gameplay allows you to enjoy the game and earn tokens in your free time. • Game is free.



Mario Infinity , one of Mario’s parallel worlds, in

this world, Mario, younger brother Luigi, and princess Peach and other friends are living a happy life in the mushroom kingdom, but one day, Great Demon King Kuba led the Kuba Legion to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, continuously devouring the Mushroom Elves, destroying their

country. The Mushroom Kingdom has issued an emergency summons, needing a lot of heroes and Mario brothers to fight the evil Kuba legion. The front line is in danger, need heroes to come to the rescue!


Mario Infinity is not only an NFT game, but also a true story about how ordinary people find their true selves in the metaverse and real life, control their own destiny, bravely fight against evil forces and get rich, let’s start this journey warriors


Genesis Box:

Before starting the game, you need to purchase a MARIO INFINITY BOX. When you open the box, you will receive an exclusive character and tool, the ratio is

as follows:

Normal – 82.00%

Rare – 10.00%

Super Rare – 6.00% Epic

– 1.40%

Legend – 0.45% Mythic

– 0.15%

The higher the rarity, the stronger the character.



The character is the main unit in the game, which is a transferable, NFT digital asset. Players need a character to participate in the pass. To participate in combat, you need to build a team of at least 5 characters. Each character has the following stats:

● LV: Level (top level is 99, increase by one level, all attributes will increase by 10%)

● HP: Health

● CE: Combat Strength

● DEX: Agility

●MP: mana



Tools that can deal damage to opponents, each type of tool has a different damage per second (DPS). Damage stats depend on rarity and weapon level. There are two types of weapons:proprietary tools and normal tools. The exclusive tool is the main weapon. Each character has their own tool, each type of tool has different DPS and attack characteristics. Tools are often secondary weapons. Used for each character, each type of tool has different DPS and attack characteristics. Choosing tools is very important for the character, because each weapon has different characteristics and combinations. Players need to choose the right tool suitable for their character to have the best combat effect


3. Upgrade NFT

All NFTs are unique, the most important reason being, why do users need that NFT?

For the same reason, the source of NFT generation must be infinite. MarioInfinity was created based on a unique idea. All characters and tools are different, rarity and different levels make a difference in attributes, so upgrading rarity and character level becomes the only way for players to get stronger.


Fusion Stone:

● Fusion Stone is the most valuable asset a player can get while

playing the game.


●Fused stone has four attributes: HP, combat, agility and mana


● Players need to collect 1000 stone pieces to create a fusion stone.


● Fusion stones can be bought / sold on the market.


● Properties of fusion rocks that are assembled by rock fragments are random. Ways to get stones:

Challenge BOSS (with drop rate)

PVP Character NFT Resolution or Upgrade Rate

tool :


4. Battle Mode

Pass Mode:


You can buy 5 characters by opening NFT boxes, building formations, participating in cross-country battles, and turn-based battles.


Enter the battle

Enter the battle interface to conduct the actual battle. Each battle requires three battles, then each wave of monsters will be stronger than the previous one, the last wave will appear a boss. If you can’t beat it within the allotted time, you’ll have to start over

. If you are passing the stage you exit the battle interface, the boss’s blood will

be frozen, but the time will still count down like when you are fighting



The winning player will receive MIO, rock shards, and fusion stones.


PVP activity:

How to participate?

1. Players need to buy PVP tickets with MRO to play. 2. Tickets are only canceled once the game has started.



Join PVP to receive ladder points, challenge random players within 100 points, will receive MRO, MIO and corresponding stone pieces.


Player’s Daily Winnings active mode leaderboard will be saved and accumulated on the overall leaderboard. The leader of the leaderboard will receive a special reward.


PVE Activity:

How to join?

1. Players need to buy PVE tickets with MRO to participate in adventure mode. 2. Tickets can only be canceled once the game has started MarioInfinity Gameplay hosts a weekly PVE adventure competition for all

players. This is considered the most fierce mode, players must pass many consecutive rounds to win the final victory. A contest has 7 parts, lasts 7 weeks. The top 10 ranks of each team will be ranked higher (ranked by bonus points)

Each team has 50 players, 1 week time.


Weekly Rewards

Player’s daily wins will be saved and accumulated on the overall leaderboard. The leader of the leaderboard will receive a special reward.


Guild Battles:

In version 4.0 of the game, MarioInfinity will introduce a guild creation feature, allowing players to interact with others in public spaces through internal chat channels. In addition, players will perform tasks to contribute resources, upgrade guilds and receive contribution rewards.


Clan War (3vs3 PVP)

● Clan members can form a party of 3, competing with

3 members from another clan.


● Compete in a 1vs1 knockout, the final winning clan

will become the overall champion.


● The reward will be more than the normal PVP mode. Each victory will add ranking points to the guild. This is an attractive game mode, creating strong interactions for the community. The guild won a high position, which is an affirmation of the value of each member and the whole team


5. Market

NFT Trading

Players’ in-game assets, including characters, tools, and fusion stones, are NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace. Transactions are guaranteed to be safe and transparent. For each type of NFT, there is also a transaction history to identify the item’s owner. The player is the only one who can set a price for each item, meaning the price will depend on market demand. MarioInfinity will ensure the security of all transactions. Listing or delisting will require a small fee to confirm the transaction on the market.


Bidding function:

Buyer can directly buy NFT being sold or offer a lower price. When the seller accepts a bid, he can either sell at that price or ignore it. Auction:

When players want to maximize the value of a rare NFT, they will need the auction feature to help find buyers willing to pay the highest price for the item. The seller will set a starting price and set an auction time for the NFT. When the time runs out, the highest bidder pays and receives the NFT. If no buyer is willing to bid for the NFT, the auction order will be canceled at the expiration of the time, and the NFT will be returned to the seller.



In all game modes, players can only use one set of tools, which means when a player has multiple NFT tools at the same time, in addition

to selling NFTs, players can also rent NFTs in a period of time to make more profit from the NFT they own. Renting NFT is a mechanism to optimize the player experience, with many options to participate in the competition at the lowest cost. Hiring NFTs became essential to win competitions. Players do not need to spend too much money on rare NFTs.


To rent an NFT in the marketplace, the lessor needs to set the rental price and the lease term. After renting, the NFT will be locked,

the lessor will receive money from the tenant, the tenant will receive the item corresponding to the

NFT. When the lease expires, the rented item will no longer be in the

tenant’s inventory, unlocked, and returned to the owner.



Market transactions apply a flat fee of 3.5% for NFT buyers/sellers. This fee will be used for the following purposes

50% for system operating costs

30% for treasury (agriculture, deposit)

20% for rewards + in-game activities


6. Liquidity Mining

MarioInfinity follows a DeFi liquidity mining model, staking characters or NFT tools to perform mining staking, mined coins can be used to upgrade characters or tools, trade directly on Swap. The mining efficiency varies by level, the higher the level, the higher the efficiency.

According to this formula, money is inherently computing power, the distribution of mining rewards is extremely uneven, and tends to follow the Pareto principle. Users or organizations with large amounts of money will receive most of the coins, indirectly controlling the governance of the project, making decentralized governance a blatant lie. The scarier thing is, they often sell immediately after mining a large amount of coins, causing the coin price to plummet, causing a market crisis, not conducive to the healthy development of the project, even directly to the collapse of the project. . To solve this problem, we applied an algorithm to limit the profits of the sharks, to make token holdings more decentralized, to let project management go back to decentralized, so that the project can maintain long term development. Just like Bitcoin, won’t let a few people

has the right to speak, will not affect the project because a few

coin holders sell off their coins. S


Mining Computing Power

We went from mining introducing the concept of computing power, converting NFT user stake into computing power, through computing power to get profit. The formula is as follows:

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