People are ‘thrilled’ to find experiences to go to ConDao Lagoon when they hear the news that the top 25 beautiful beaches in the world

Dam Trau Beach is honored to be ranked in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by the American travel magazine. What are you waiting for without immediately saving the experience of going to Dam Trau to bombard when needed.

Where is Dam Trau Beach? 

On April 12, the US travel website Travel + Leisure announced the 25 most beautiful beaches on the planet. In which, ConDao Dam Trau beach, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province is honored to take the 18th position. Immediately, people are invited to travel to ConDao to explore this beautiful beach. 


Experience going to Dam TrauDam Trau Beach is in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. Photo: ti.chuot84

Among the top most beautiful beaches in the world, Dam Trau fully converges factors such as beautiful location, beautiful seascape and brings many interesting experiences. Dam Trau Beach is located near Co Ong Airport and on the edge of ConDao National Park. From ConDao town to the beach about 14 km.

Experience going to Dam TrauDam Trau is located near Co Ong airport. Photo:trongnguyen.1603

According to the experience of many tourists going to ConDao Dam, you just need to go from town in the direction of the airport. At the junction area near the airport, turn left and go through Cau Cai temple to reach the beautiful Dam Trau beach.

Experience going to Dam TrauVisitors just need to go in the direction of Co Ong airport to arrive. Photo: Uyen.dt

As the most beautiful beach in ConDao, Dam Trau is almost beautiful all year round. However, the most appropriate time to come here is from March to September. This season, the sea is beautiful, the waves are calm, so it is ideal for tourists to explore ConDao , especially this extremely hot beach. 

Experience going to Dam Trau: What’s so beautiful about this top 25 beach?

Dam Trau Beach possesses a beautiful seascape that captivates people, of course. However, an interesting point of this beach is its proximity to the airport. Sitting on the beach, you will admire the image of the plane landing, bringing special excitement. 

Experience going to Dam TrauDam Trau Beach is wild and peaceful. Photo:borgy_notsotravel

In the articles of experience going to Dam Trau , many tourists describe this beach as having a curved shape like a crescent moon. The sand in Dam Trau is gentle and white. Behind the beach is the surrounding green forest, creating a cool and fresh space. 

Experience going to Dam TrauThe water color of the sea is clear and attractive. Photo: tomkute

Visiting Dam Trau beach, you will be immersed in the jade green color from dark to light of sea water. Right under the fine sand is clear, cool and clean water. There is nothing more wonderful than being able to run and jump on the beach, really immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery here.

Experience going to Dam TrauDam Trau Beach seen from above. Photo: jamesborn1000

Not only the dark blue colors of the sea, in Dam Trau there are also the colors of the afternoon sun. It is the bright yellow sunlight when the sunset gradually falls, the orange-yellow color then suddenly turns crimson, burgundy. Traveling to ConDao , you must not miss the moment of watching the sunset on the sea. 


Experience going to Dam TrauThe coast bends like a crescent moon. Photo: yannis.rdn

As a beautiful beach in ConDao , Dam Trau must be known by many people. However, that does not mean that this place is too crowded or crowded. On the contrary, the beach still retains its original and fresh beauty. The beach is nestled behind rows of shady blue poplars, like a fairy lying watching the sea. 

Experience going to Dam TrauBeautiful check-in corners in Dam Trau. Photo: phuonganhichiban

Sitting in Dam Trau, visitors can zoom out into the distance, admiring the beauty of the neighboring islands. In addition, on the left side of Dam Tram beach, there are craggy cliffs reaching out to the sea. This is also an ideal place for visitors to take pictures. 

Experience going to Dam TrauInternational tourists are fascinated by the beauty of Dam Trau beach. Photo: karolinao_offcial

It can be said that Dam Trau is full of wild, fresh, peaceful and poetic beauty. All create a charming picture that captivates travelers. Coming here, just walking or lying in a hammock watching the sea is enough to feel “already”. If you want to have more fun, you can continue to refer to the experience of going to Dam Trau right here. 

What to play at Dam Trau Beach?

Nearly all visitors who have been to ConDao Betel Lagoon confirm that this place is great for relaxing and finding balance in the soul. Morning and afternoon is the right time to go here for a walk and admire the scenery. You will be fully embraced by the wild and simple features that nature bestows on Dam Trau. 

Experience going to Dam TrauComing to Dam Trau, you can enjoy watching the sunset. Photo: arissston

Chill more, visitors can spend the whole day swinging in hammocks by the beach. In front is the blue ocean, surrounded by cool poplars. Alas, just that much is enough for a trip to explore ConDao. Of course, you can bring books to read or simply count how many flights to the island. 

Experience going to Dam TrauLeisurely walk on the beach. Photo:nguyenthu0419

Some people shared the experience of going to Dam Trau that this place is suitable for many interesting fun activities. The beach has a fairly wide sandy beach, which is ideal for you to play volleyball, football or organize team building here. 

Experience going to Dam TrauSwimming in the sea, immersing in the ocean. Photo:backpackingwithabook

In particular, at Dam Trau beach, there is a colorful coral system under the ocean. Therefore, when coming here, visitors can buy a tour to see the coral, admire the colorful world under the sea. 

Experience going to Dam TrauDrink coconut water while watching the sea. Photo: maianhtran82

According to the experience of many young people going to Dam Trau, this beach is both beautiful for swimming, walking and having fun, as well as a place for you to picnic and camp by the beach. You can bring a tent to set up on the sand. Prepare some extra water and food to help you have a great experience at sea. 

What to eat when exploring Dam Trau 

Today, Dam Trau beach has developed strongly in tourism. There are water stalls serving full food and drinks for visitors. Visiting Dam Trau, you can enjoy famous seafood dishes on the island such as snail breast, moon crab, oyster sauce, etc. 

Experience going to Dam TrauThis place deserves to be a great destination in ConDao. Photo:taucaotoc

In addition, when traveling to ConDao, you can buy almond jam as a gift for relatives and friends. This is a specialty dish on this beautiful island with a unique and attractive taste. 

Experience going to Dam TrauHave you planned a trip to ConDao yet? Photo:daongoctravel

This season, ConDao tourism is great because of the beautiful seascape, the sea season is calm and pleasant. Especially when Dam Trau beach is also honored to be in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world. Therefore, please invite your close friends, loved ones or family to check in right away in ConDao. 

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