Slow living at Bai Nhat Con Dao

If you are a sea lover, Con Dao is a great choice for your upcoming trip. More specifically, in this island district, there is a place that not everyone knows. That is Bai Nhat Con Dao – an underground charm where you can live slowly, away from all troubles.

How to get to Con Dao Beach?

Con Dao is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province . Currently, there are many airlines operating flights to Con Dao, so it is not difficult to get here.


Con Dao beach
Bai Nhat Con Dao is wild and clear. Photo: Linh.nmn254

From Hanoi, you can take a plane directly to Con Dao with a period of 2.5 hours. However, the fare is quite expensive and there are not many trips.

From Ho Chi Minh City, it’s easier to get to Bai Nhat Con Dao . Airfare from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao is about 1,000,000 VND/way. If you go from Can Tho to Con Dao, it is only about 750,000 VND / way.

In addition, visitors can also take a bus to Vung Tau, then move to Cat Lo Port and then take a speedboat to Con Dao. Bus fare is from 90,000 VND to 200,000 VND/one-way ticket depending on the vehicle type.

Con Dao beach
Attractive natural scene at Bai Nhat. Photo: ly_phuongthanh

Bai Nhat is located on Ben Dam street, about 6km southwest of Con Dao town. You can rent a motorbike for convenience to explore Bai Nhat.

Con Dao beach
You can rent motorbikes for your convenience. Photo: vunguyetnga

The ideal time to go to Bai Nhat

The most ideal weather to travel to Con Dao is from May to September. At this time, the weather at Bai Nhat Con Dao is beautiful, with little rain, and the temperature is a bit high, suitable for experiencing swimming.

Con Dao beach
From May to September is the ideal time to travel to Bai Nhat Con Dao. Photo: phuongdan2309

What does Bai Nhat have?

Bai Nhat extends from Cua Tu to Shark Cape. At first, this place was just a place to collect garbage of households in Con Dao, but after being collected and cleaned up, Bai Nhat became a tourist destination loved by believers to explore.

Con Dao beach
Scenery at Bai Nhat. Photo: martinko55

Bai Nhat Con Dao is famous for its wild beauty, which has not been affected by tourism exploitation. This place was once voted in the Top 6 most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Asia voted by Australia’s News site.

Con Dao beach
Bai Nhat is still unspoiled, mainly for sightseeing and taking pictures. Photo: ttaammtttt

Coming to Bai Nhat, you will clearly feel the taste of nature, of sea waves, of clear sea water, of colorful coral reefs. All blend together to create an eye-catching scene, not everywhere.

Con Dao beach
You certainly won’t be disappointed when you come here. Photo: ttaammtttt

In particular, every time the tide recedes, the long white sand beach will be revealed, at noon, each ray of sunlight shines down more and more shimmering.

Con Dao beach
The specialty of Bai Nhat is that there are many rocks. Photo: qy.feng1907

The specialty of Bai Nhat Con Dao is that there are many rocks, with all interesting shapes and different sizes to adorn and create more accents for this place. At Bai Nhat Con Dao, there are sections that are mostly round stones like eggs and fruits.

Con Dao beach
Blue sea water at Bai Nhat Con Dao. Photo: itsnghiahuynh

Nhat beach is most beautiful to mention at sunset. At that time, the whole beach seemed to be wearing a new coat of splendor and romance. Due to the topography of Con Dao, it is difficult to see the wild sunset directly.

But Bai Nhat is one of the beautiful places to watch the sunset in Con Dao. Depending on the season, Con Dao tourists will see the sun disappearing from the mountains or into the sea.

Con Dao beach
Magnificent sunset view at Bai Nhat. Photo: phuonghoangminh_duy

Standing from Bai Nhat Con Dao, looking out into the distance, you will see the Peak of Love on Ba island. If you have been to Bai Nhat, you must not miss this romantic place. The hill is described as a pair of lovers cuddling sweetly together. Because of that, the name Peak of Love was born.

Con Dao beach
Don’t miss watching the sunset from here. Photo: vivian_phuong


Con Dao beach
Surely you will have many beautiful pictures like a fairyland at Bai Nhat. Photo: vivian_phuong

Going to Bai Nhat, try standing on Shark Cape to enjoy the beautiful scenery on Love Peak. During the wedding season, this place is crowded with couples to take pictures.

Con Dao beach
Picnic style photography at Bai Nhat is also a great suggestion. Photo: tondidau

Not allowed to dive and see coral like other places in Con Dao, but not because of that, Bai Nhat is less attractive. Visitors can bathe, swim, dive, take a relaxing walk, sit on the rocky shore to feel nature, feel the fresh air of the sea nature.

Con Dao beach
Do not forget to visit Bai Nhat when traveling to Con Dao. Photo: Nhubandy

Attractions near Bai Nhat

Bai Nhat Con Dao is quite close to many other beautiful places. According to Con Dao travel experience , when coming to this beach, you can visit Cuoi Stone Beach, Nam Co Temple, Hon Ba Vung Tau, Con Dao Pier… These are all beautiful check-in destinations for you. Feel free to take pictures.

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