What are the amazing and attractive things to do in Japan?

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Japan when travelling because to the country’s colorful blend of modern and traditional cultures, abundant natural beauty, incredible cuisine, and legendary hospitality! We have created a comprehensive, carefully researched list of the top 8 things to do in Japan to help you plan a trip that doesn’t miss any of the greatest parts. Make a note of the ones that catch your attention, then get to work on organizing your ideal trip to Japan!

Top 8 best things to do in Japan for everyone travel

1. Observe Fuji’s sunrise

Top best things to do in Japan
Watch Fuji’s sunrise

It is entirely appropriate for Mount Fuji to rank among top attractive things to do in Japan. The island’s highest peak is located here. On the Honshu island, the enormous hill is situated around 100 kilometres west of Tokyo. Even the Japanese themselves fear Fuji, referring to it as a “holy mountain.” In the spring, a lot of visitors come to Japan to take in the magnificent beauty of Mount Fuji during the cherry blossom season.

You can ascend the mountain and reach a height of 3776 meters if you are successful. When the mountain is accessible to the public, in July and August, climbing typically takes place. It is absolutely worthwhile to spend several hours climbing up in order to see the sunrise.

2. Watch the cherry blossoms bloom

Best things to do in Japan
Watch the cherry blossoms bloom

Japan’s national flower is the sakura. Every spring, thousands of visitors go to the nation to see the cherry blossoms, which are ornamental cherries. The Japanese term for this activity is “hanami,” which means “viewing flowers” in English. The “country of the rising sun” is transformed from late March to early April when the trees blossom with pinkish-white blooms. In order to view this sight, a large crowd assembles in gardens and parks.

3. “Get lost” in Akihabara

Akihabara town
Akihabara town

If you enjoy all types of electronics and gadgets, stock up on extra pairs of underwear because, when you find yourself in the Tokyo metropolitan area’s Akihabara, you’ll undoubtedly piss yourself. Here, you may learn about the most recent developments in the electronics industry and purchase items at rates that are more appealing than those found in other places. Simply put, there are many stores offering everything that is exclusively available in household appliances. Manga, CDs, and video games can all be obtained at nearby shops, thus anime fans will also find entertainment here. It is hardly surprising that Japanese kids and students have mostly replaced other regulars during this quarter.

4. Unwind amidst geishas

Best things to do in Japan
Relax surrounded by geishas

The Gion neighborhood of Kyoto is renowned as being the most well-known geisha area in all of Japan. As in the days of the samurai, you can still see Japanese women rushing to work – to tea houses “o-taya” – with whitened faces. Geisha entertain their visitors with songs, games, dances, and chats inside the closed-off o-taya. However, do not mistake Gion for Amsterdam’s red-light area. The prostitution of geishas is prohibited. You can go to the Shimabara region, which is where the Japanese “red lights” are, if that’s what you’re searching for.

5. Participate in a sumo match

A sumo match
A sumo match

Sumo is commonly misunderstood as a sport for overweight people, although this perception is unfounded. Wrestlers may appear overweight, but in reality, their muscular mass is very well developed, which enables them to engage in competitions. In general, the proportion of fat mass is not as high as it appears. If you go to a sumo match, you’ll fall in love with the sport immediately.

6. From the 52nd floor, take in Tokyo

Gaze at Tokyo from the 52nd floor
Gaze at Tokyo from the 52nd floor

You might be interested in visiting the same pub where Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray spent their evenings if you’ve seen the movie Lost in Translation. On the 52nd level of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, The New York Bar offers breathtaking views of both Tokyo and Mount Fuji. To appreciate the splendors of the Japanese capital, come here in the evening (but before 20.00, when a live musical performance begins, for which you will unquestionably have to pay an additional fee). It is important to keep in mind that the pricing in the bar are pretty high, but not in a way that would deter moviegoers.

7. Check into a capsule hotel for the night

Capsule hotel room interior
Capsule hotel room interior

Japanese people invented the first capsule hotels, which include individual sleeping compartments that measure 2 by 1 by 1.25 meters. These sizes are sufficient to allow one to relax by lying down to full height. The capsules also have a mirror, an alarm clock, free WiFi, a TV, and a radio. These hotels in Japan are more affordable than others; a night there costs roughly 20 euros. Capsule hotels do, however, have several drawbacks, including the fact that families and anyone with claustrophobia should avoid them.

8. Engage the ASIMO Robot The Miraikan in conversation

Chat with the ASIMO Robot
Chat with the ASIMO Robot

Every traveler to Tokyo’s National Museum of Science and Innovation must go there while there. The achievements of cutting-edge technologies in a variety of sectors, including robots, medicine, and space, are displayed at the “museum of the future,” as it is also known. It debuted in 2001. All of the exhibits in the museum are touchable and tactile. The ASIMO robot, which can walk up stairs, play ball, and converse with people, is Miraikan’s main draw.


One of the most distinct and alluring nations in the world is The Land of the Rising Sun. Because of its intriguing past and interesting history, Japan is a fantastic destination for everyone, including families and independent travelers. It’s just so much fun to see its many attractions and things to do in Japan.

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