10 amazing things to do in Fukuoka, which one you are fond of?

The largest city in the world is Fukuoka. In fact, after the renowned cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, things to do in Fukuokais listed as one of the “25 most livable cities in the world” by a British news source.

Fukuoka City also boasts Japan’s fastest rate of population growth. Personally, I think that visiting Fukuoka is not the best way to see the city’s attractiveness in its whole. It need to be brief. We want you to be pleasantly surprised by how cozy it is! Here are things to do in Fukuoka for foreigners and locals.

Great things to do in Fukuoka

Enjoy the gourmet food of Fukuoka

1. Soul food that you want to stuff your cheeks with all the time! Enjoy Okonomiyaki at Fukiya

In Fukuoka city, there is a restaurant serving okonomiyaki called “Fukiya.”

Enjoy Okonomiyaki at Fukiya
Okonomiyaki at Fukiya

The first thing in things to do in Fukuoka you should do is stuff your mouth with okonomiyaki because the Hakata store is situated at the Kotsu Center close to Hakata Station. I’m sure some of you are asking if okonomiyaki are served in Fukuoka. However, Fukiya, a store that has been there for 45 years and has roots in the neighborhood, is one that you must visit at least once.

Please use your own homemade mayonnaise and sauce to fill the okonomiyaki. Unlike solids, it is a thick sauce that doesn’t leak readily. Delicious!

2. Hakata Ramen

The first item you should try when it comes to fine dining in Fukuoka and Hakata is Hakata Ramen.

Ramen speciality stores in Fukuoka and Hakata have been growing their international clientele in recent years. Thin, chewy noodles and a cloudy white soup prepared from long-simmered pork bones are the distinguishing features of Hakata ramen. Noodles can be added to the remaining broth for an additional way to enjoy Hakata ramen.

There are several ramen specialty stores in Fukuoka City, but Shin-shin is the only one with its primary location in the city’s downtown Tenjin, where there is consistently a long line of patrons.

3. Motsunabe

Motsunabe is a hot pot meal popular in Fukuoka and Hakata that mostly consists of beef or pork offal (innards). Hot pot meals are often consumed during the colder months, however in Hakata, Fukuoka, they are consumed all year long. Fukuoka City is also home to numerous motsunabe speciality eateries.

Women enjoy offal a lot because it is low in calories and packed with vegetables. A further benefit is the affordable pricing of about 1,000 yen each serving, however this varies depending on the eatery.

Add noodles to the remaining soup after finishing the offal and vegetables. The soup is excellent to the very last drop.

Locals like Motsunabe Oyama, which has shops in Hakata Station and Tenjin, and Hakata Motsunabe Ikkei, which is known for its grilled offal.

4. Enjoy the food stalls at night!

The night at Fukuoka City
The night at Fukuoka City

In Fukuoka, food stalls suddenly appear in the evening and open for business after being expertly put up. They serve a vast range of food and booze in addition to ramen, gyoza, and yakitori, including French cuisine, game, and even bars.

The food stalls in Fukuoka are the only ones in Japan to have been chosen as one of the “Top 10 Street Food Cities in Asia,” and they are drawing attention from other countries as well. There are yatai all around the city, but particularly in the Tenjin, Nakasu, and Nagahama districts.

You can rapidly become friends with the proprietor and other patrons because stalls are near by. The food vendors come highly recommended if you like mingling with the locals. Please remember, though, that there are many holidays with poor weather.

Visit Fukuoka’s little-known spots

1. Face yourself at the cafe “Yagura Baku”

This coffee shop may be an excellent spot to go if you’re a little busy or a little out of your comfort zone. I feel the want to peek back and see if I’m lying when I’m at a coffee shop with a lot of history.

When you need some time alone or a place to unwind where you can’t run into a friend, this cafe is unquestionably a good choice in things to do in Fukuoka.

2. Enjoy the collaboration of cosmos and the sea at Nokonoshima Island Park

Nokonoshima Island Park- Great things to do in Fukuoka
Nokonoshima Island Park

The tranquil Nokonoshima Island Park, which is only ten minutes by ferry from Fukuoka City, is surrounded by trees and historic structures. You can enjoy a variety of experiences, like eating “Noko Udon,” a delicacy of Nokonoshima, and playing with reminiscence toys. Your thoughts will be freed by the cosmos and the blue sky, which are in full bloom, especially from October to November.

Take images of yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy nature in Fukuoka

1. A world away from the city center! Regain your flat self with forest therapy in Sasaguri Town

One of Kyushu’s holiest places is Sasaguri Town, where Kukai’s Buddhist monk also received his training. As a power place, it attracts lots of tourists from all around the nation. Visit this village if you wish to be cured or have a walk in the forest because “forest treatment” is well-known in this area.

The town’s pure atmosphere may be felt, and there are pilgrims visiting the dispersed “Sasaguri Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites”.

2. Let’s stay at Hoshino Village when the meteor shower arrives

Great things to do in Fukuoka
Hoshino Village

Hoshino Village is a location where you can see a perfect starry sky since the air is clear and the altitude is high, and many people travel there in pursuit of the starry sky. There is an observatory where you can spend the night outside and where a number of star activities are hosted.

Enjoy Fukuoka’s trendy spots

1. Happy to have the strongest fashionable area from Daimyo to Tenjin where all fashionable things gather

When looking for clothing in Tokyo, one tends to conclude that “this town doesn’t have it, thus I have to go to that town.” Everything is coming together.

Although there are many roadside businesses in the neighborhood, local fashionistas are beginning to trust the commercial building where the shops collectively known as “IMS” are located. Check out the slogan on the banner in front; it’s rather impressive.

2. Enjoy sweets and cocktails while watching the fountain in the 100% adult space “Bar Fizz”

Enjoy sweets and cocktails while watching the fountain in the 100% adult space "Bar Fizz"
Bar Fizz

It is advised for its chic adult atmosphere to visit the bar lounge “Bar Fizz” at the Park Hyatt Hotel Fukuoka, which is next to the vibrant commercial building “Canal City.” In the atrium area, you can eat desserts and drink cocktails while admiring the Canal City fountain.

Let’s have a live music celebration of your maturation as an adult in the store.


The color of the sky is another unique feature of Fukuoka. You can feel the soft blue light encompassing the entire city, especially when the weather is nice. The riddle is still unresolved, however while performing the things to do in Fukuoka above, please glance up at the sky and take a deep breath. It’s unclear whether it’s due of the atmosphere or the closeness of the sea. Knowing the hue will make you a “Fukuoka person,” without a doubt.

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