Introducing 12 fun things to do in Okinawa for foreigners all the seasons

This page introduces how to enjoy and things to do in Okinawa by season for foreigners visiting Okinawa who want to take advantage of the island in any season in addition to how to enjoy Okinawa year-round.

Things to do in Okinawa( All Seasons)

In Spring – 3 things to do in Okinawa

From here, we‘ll discuss spring-specific things to do in Okinawa and suggested sightseeing locations.

Thigs to do in Okinawa in Spring
“On the Beach CAFE” in Nakijin Village, Okinawa

1. The Sea begins in March! Enjoy Okinawa’s swiftest sea in Japan!

Because of Okinawa’s mild temperature, beaches there open earlier than they would in Japan, usually in the spring.

In Okinawa, springtime is a popular time for swimming in the water because the beach opens as early as March.

2. Le Village Lily Field Park is a lily-filled haven.

The Lily Festival is held every year around April 20 at Ie Village Lily Field Park on Ie Island, which is accessible from Okinawa’s main island in around 30 minutes via ferry.

It is possible to take a stroll through the park where many lilies of the world, such as Easter lilies, the flower of Ie village, are in full bloom.

You may take use of Ie Island as a whole as a tourist attraction, including the stunning Hada plant community and the ruins of Kadahara Cave.

3. Take a stroll through Okinawa and unwind at a cafe!

Okinawa’s spring is pleasant and comfortable, therefore it is advised to take a leisurely stroll and spend some time at a cafe.

Particularly if you pick an ocean view cafe, you can savor delectable drinks and light fare while admiring Okinawa’s sea.

In Nanjo City, we suggest “Hamabe no Chaya,” and in Nakijin Village, “On the Beach CAFE.”

You can enjoy a cup of tea while seeing Okinawa’s stunning sea.

In Summer- 3 things to do in Okinawa

From here, we’ll discuss things to do in Okinawa and suggested tourist destinations, particularly during the summer.

Things to do in Okinawa in Summer
Okinawa, Japan at Manzamo Cape during sunset.

1. Summertime entertainment! Enjoy Okinawa’s sunshine!

The island of Okinawa is close to the equator.

After all, summer is sweltering and is arguably the time of year Okinawa shines the brightest.

The summertime in Okinawa will undoubtedly endow you with a charm that you cannot obtain during other seasons.

2. Visit Manzamo to see the lovely sea bathed in summer sunlight!

Manzamo, in Onna Village, is a beautiful location.

From the Ryukyu limestone cliff, which is specific to Okinawa, you can see the sea of Okinawa.

The view from Manzamo will be even more luminous in the summer heat.

The “Elephant’s nose” is the name given to a portion of the cliff that has a distinctive shape.

The stunning natural grass and plant communities that the prefecture has designated as natural monuments are also noteworthy, in addition to the cliffs and the sea.

3. Dive and snorkel to enjoy the ocean!

Summer is, after all, synonymous with the water!

Why not choose diving or snorkeling to be surrounded by the ocean to fully experience Okinawa’s summer?

If you are an experienced diver, you can enjoy not only snorkeling but also diving without a license.

The best way to explore Okinawa’s stunning sea is through diving.

You may be able to see sea creatures that you have never seen before.

Additionally, a diving company provides the opportunity to feed tropical fish.

In Autumn- 3 things to do in Okinawa

From here, we’ll discuss things to do in Okinawa and suggested tourist destinations in the fall.

Top things to do in Okinawa in Autumn
Starry Sky in Ishigaki Island

1. Enjoy the regional festivals!

Many festivals are held in the autumn as a time of thanksgiving for the previous year’s harvest. The same is true of Okinawa.

The Naha Great Tug of War Festival is among the most well-known celebrations.

The celebration has been around for more than 500 years, and as the name suggests, it is a beautiful sight to watch a big rope being pulled together. You can sense Okinawa’s strength as a land.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the festival’s rope as “the best straw rope in the world.”

2. Natural astronomical observation

Okinawa is a place where you may experience breathtaking natural beauty and where you can easily glimpse the light from the stars.

The best time of year to observe the stars is in the autumn, when the sky is clear. It is also thought to be the best time of year to view the starry sky.

The sky full of stars is visible, especially in the Yaeyama Islands like Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, and Hateruma Island, where city lights are not present.

You can see all 21 first-magnitude stars.

3. Experience history up close at the Himeyuri Tower.

The Himeyuri Tower is a memorial monument associated to the Battle of Okinawa in World War II.

It was erected where a hospital stood at the conclusion of the Battle of Okinawa.

The Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum, where you can witness a full-scale replica of the hospital during that time, is only a one-minute stroll away.

It is also possible to look at photographs of the witnesses to those historical occurrences.

You will be able to learn about the history of the stunning island of Okinawa and set aside time to reflect on it.

In Winter- 3 things to do in Okinawa

From here, we’ll go through some of the top wintertime activities and tourism locations on Okinawa.

Top things to do in Okinawa in Winter
Warm Soki soba

1. Warm Soki soba is delicious in the wintertime.

Winter lows on Okinawa, an island in the south, can fall below 15 degrees Celsius (December to January).

Let’s enjoy Okinawa while eating Soki soba, a traditional Okinawan cuisine, as it’s the time of year when you start to feel a little chilly.

In Okinawan dialect, “soki” means spare ribs (also known as boneless ribs).

A noodle dish composed with medium-thick Okinawa soba noodles and salty-sweet soki.

2. Even in the cold, Okinawa is warm! Embrace secluded islands!

It gets chilly in the winter, but despite what I stated, it’s still a southern country.

The weather is much nicer than it is up north.

Many islands, particularly those that are remote, are warm enough for flowers to blossom even in late fall, toward the end of November, so you may take in the quiet atmosphere and the beauty of nature.

We advise visiting Ishigaki, Taketomi, and Iriomote Islands.

3. At the partially indoor Makishi Public Market, purchase freshly caught seafood!

In Naha City’s Makishi Public Market, which has been dubbed the “kitchen of Okinawa,” ingredients are gathered from the prefecture of Okinawa.

With more than 60 years of history, you can get a close-up look at Okinawan cuisine.

The market is set up like an arcade in a commercial area, making it a lively place to visit even when the weather is bad.

Many items, including seafood and meat from Okinawa, specialty goods, and unusual flavors are available.


We have so far discussed and introduced things to do in Okinawa for foreigners who wish to visit Okinawa and want to enjoy Okinawa in any season in addition to how to enjoy Okinawa for all seasons (all seasons).

Please read the contents, then take in Okinawa.

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