Top 6 Coastal Cities in California That People Should Know

Beaches are one of California’s most well-known features. Despite the fact that the rest of the state offers a ton of entertaining things to do, it seems like we are always drawn to the coast. You won’t be dissatisfied with your time spent along the California coastline whether you’re planning a weekend trip there or want to visit each and every well-known beach town on this list. There is something unique, moving, and unforgettable about the coastal cities in California. Let’s follow us to find out about coastal cities in California in this post!


Contrary to common assumption, Malibu is both a city and a beach district in the state, not just a single beach. When you travel to the Malibu area, you may visit 21 miles of beach, and every inch of it is lovely. State beaches like Topanga State Beach and Pointe Dume Beach are all around the Malibu area, but you may also go to the Malibu Pier and the Malibu Surfrider Beach.


If you go to websites like Surfrider, you can relax in the sand and take in the scenery while watching surfers practice and catch waves. Smaller beaches can be found all around the Malibu coastline, offering a more tranquil and peaceful experience that is nonetheless enjoyable. You don’t need me to tell you that Malibu has the best shopping and that if you go back into town, there are all kinds of shops to choose from! Only major towns like Los Angeles and San Francisco can compete with the shopping in this adorable coastal California hamlet.

San Simeon: Coastal Cities in California

San Simeon is home to the magnificent Hearst Castle, a symbol of fame and money, in contrast to Cayucos, which represents small-town America. The castle was built over the course of three decades by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, and when he left in 1947, it wasn’t finished. It’s simple to lose a significant portion of a day there with its 165 rooms and 123 acres of gardens.

In the courtyards, there are Egyptian sculptures. The ceilings in bedrooms are Art Deco. The indoor pool is covered with hand-cut Murano tiles from Italy, and the walls are adorned with authentic 16th-century tapestries. One of the most extravagant sights along the Pacific Coast Highway may be Hearst Castle. But it’s definitely worth a trip. Just make a reservation for your tickets.


This well-known beach town in Southern California is close to an active harbor, a fishing marina, and a charming commercial district with restaurants and waterfront activities. It is situated close to Carpinteria and Oxnard. The best part is that your dog is allowed on the beach, and you can also jet ski, paddleboard, or take a boat ride here. For a variety of reasons, this is among the must-see destinations in the coastal towns of California.

Sunbathe by the water while enjoying the waves and sand, or stroll down the well-known Ventura Pier to take in the views of the setting sun over the water. This seaside village is very amazing and well-known for both its beauty and tranquility.



If you’re in Encinitas, a quaint surf town in California, you must visit Moonlight State Beach to watch the sunset! Visit the neighborhood shops, eat dinner close by, then stroll down to the beach to unwind with some snacks from the snack bar. There are volleyball courts and fire pits nearby.

Visit Swami’s for a unique experience and watch surfers ride the large waves. You might also go to Sea Cliff and have a seat under a tree or at a picnic table while listening to the waves. Another fantastic option for getting to the water and a place to sunbathe is D Street. When visiting D Street Beach with kids, be on the lookout for potential sunbathers wearing birthday suits!

La Jolla

You might have come to expect California’s extremes of craggy cliffs and lovely sandy beaches from the La Jolla region. You can head to Black’s Beach or Torrey Pines State Beach for some sunbathing or to see the 300-foot sea cliffs and rare Torrey pines (found only in a few locations worldwide, all of them along a small stretch of California coast).

You can water kayak, snorkel, or dive at La Jolla Cove to explore the marine life. It also provides access to coastal coves. La Jolla, a classic California beach town close to San Diego, with a surfer attitude that makes one think of Hawaii. Shopping, museums, and other entertaining activities abound downtown, also known as “The Village” by residents.

Enjoy visiting the San Diego Zoo or the nearby Safari Park. Additionally, there is excellent hiking close by, and as you ascend the nearby hills, you can see the coastline from almost every hiking trail.



San Luis Obispo County in Central California’s Cayucos is home to this tiny, unincorporated seaside community on Estero Bay. Visit the Cayucos Pier, which is lit for night fishing, to take advantage of the license-free fishing. Try surfing or paddle boarding at the pier, which offers excellent conditions for these activities, to take it a step further. Between strolls on Cayucos State Beach, the town embraces its heritage by offering a variety of antique stores and interesting historical structures.


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