Hon Yen Phu Yen – poetic beauty attracts tourists

Hon Yen is a tourist destination in Phu Yen, where it has unspoiled beauty and has recently been renovated by the government to become a tourist attraction attracting many tourists.

In recent years, Phu Yen tourism industry is quite developed with many tourist attractions. One of the places that attracts a lot of attention from tourists is Hon Yen. Hon Yen is located in Nhon Hoi village, An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, about 25km northeast of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province. Hon Yen has a wild, simple and very poetic beauty. 

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsYen Island Phu Yen

Nostalgic about the name Hon Yen

Over a fairly long period of time, along with the erosion of the sea waves, the mountain range has protruded into the middle of the sea to become two islands about 100m away from the shore. The small island is called Hon Hon, the big island is called Hon Yen.

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsHon Yen, Hon Hon

Why is this place called Hon Yen? This is a nostalgic question, according to the people here, the day before, swiftlets came here to nest a lot. But when the weather changes, the climate here suddenly changes erratically, the swallows are in turn leaving the nest, looking for another hiding place. Besides, people have also improperly exploited and do not know how to keep the nests.

Therefore, until now, sometimes only a few swallows visit here, but they do not stay as long as before. In any case, the natives still remember and call this place the name Hon Yen. For them, it is a beautiful name, meaningful and full of memories.

Simple and poetic beauty

No matter where you go, no matter how much you love the hustle and bustle, peaceful moments are the best. Coming to Hon Yen, you will feel the beauty of the sun, the wind, the sea and the peace.

Standing from Phu Thuong village, under the green eagle leaves is a peaceful fishing village with smooth white sand. You will listen to the sea singing, the wind lullaby and watch the fishing boats come back to the wharf… The beauty here is still very simple, the casuarina trees, the cactus trees growing with the sun and the wind are still there. just stay there. Everything is strangely peaceful, standing in the middle of everyday life, you will feel this place is very interesting and attractive.

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsRows of large cactus with sun and wind at Hon Yen

The special thing that creates a highlight in Hon Yen is probably two small mountains located between the blue coast. They lie there, creating a poetic and majestic beauty, at the foot of the mountain are ripples, deeply ingrained to form traces of time, above the mountain are beautiful rock layers bestowed by nature. .

Moreover, coming to Hon Yen, visitors will see the beautiful coral reefs. The most interesting thing is that if you come here at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month, you can walk to the sea, catch a variety of snails, see the coral and even touch the coral if you want. 

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsBeautiful beaches to live in

Not only that, visitors can also admire the captivating beauty when walking under the cool water, watching the blue water color of the sea and watching the stones covered with green moss. You will feel the sound of ancient eagle trees, green coconut groves and if you are curious, you can also listen to the people telling about the spiritual stories of the ancient village in the past. Coming to Hon Yen, you will definitely have wonderful and interesting experiences.

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsThe lush green mossy rocks at Hon Yen

culinary paradise

Facing such a charming landscape, there is no reason why you should forget to enjoy the food in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Visitors will enjoy fresh, delicious, nutritious and cheap dishes, seafood that is often caught and returned early in the morning.

About Phu Yen, you will see the greatness of the food here, it is not only delicious in quality but also delicious in humanity. The people here always love their customers, they are sincere, enthusiastic and cook extremely attractive.

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsAttractive seafood in Phu Yen

In addition, you can also make your own rustic dishes from local specialties, obviously this is also an interesting experience for visitors.

Hon Yen Phu Yen - poetic beauty attracts touristsVisitors can cook fish by themselves at Hon Yen

Perhaps all of the above is the reason that Hon Yen Phu Yen has become a tourist attraction that attracts everyone. And perhaps because of that poetic beauty, Hon Yen has attracted tourists from all over the world.

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