10 Best Written Anime Characters of All Time

Japan is a country famous for its extremely lively and attractive cartoon comic world. Famous writers build the image of the main characters in fantastic works of fiction. The main character often plays an important role, they mark the successful path of the work. So do you know who are the best written anime characters of all time? Read this article with us!

What is Anime?

Anime is a term commonly used in Japan to refer to a Japanese style of animated manga and animated videos. In this country, comic books are a very popular form of entertainment for all ages, from adults to young readers. The storyline is often quite complex and engaging, spanning many chapters or episodes. The themes of animated comics are often extremely diverse, in which typical themes can be Ninja, martial arts, horror stories, science fiction, or universe. The main flaps are usually built quite cute with big round eyes like doves.

You may not know, that anime is usually an adaptation of Japanese manga or video games. Anime appears in cinema access, TV shows, and also on the Internet. Compared to Western animation, anime production often focuses less on movement, and more on the details of setting and using “camera effects”. Using art styles, the proportions and characteristics of the characters are quite diverse, with the common feature being large and emotional eyes.

Best written anime characters

In any type of novel, a well-written or well-imaged character is one with a complex and relatable emotional side, an interesting life philosophy, as well as an energetic character. motion and more. Some writers also express views on modern society or topics that are new and intriguing. So let’s learn about the best written anime characters of all time below:

Joe Yabuki

Joe Yabuki is a character built in a different image. He is a 15-year-old boy living in one of the most deprived and slum areas in Tokyo. He lives a homeless life and struggles to survive every day, living by tricks and petty theft. One day, he came across Danbei Tange, a drunken man lying on the ground. Danbei Tange is a former boxer but an alcoholic, he saw in Joe Yabuki when he was fighting with a group of his colleagues, seeing this as the quality of a champion, he decided to train.

This person to atone for his failures in life. Unaccustomed to discipline and a sense of sacrifice, Rocky Joe is unkind to the teachings of old Danbei Tange and follows him only to have a hot meal and a number of friends. But after being imprisoned in a reformatory one day for cheating on Ms. Yoko Shiraki, the rebellious boy started to change. Then he made the decision to flee and turn into a warrior.

His life has since always been in his hands. Joe has a fairly casual disposition and a fast temper. But that’s only fair when you take into account his upbringing. He’d had to punch his way through life if he wanted to live. By the end of the anime, Joe’s every action is influenced by all of his prior encounters. Everything becomes far more engaging and meaningful as a result.

Joe Yabuki

Edward Elric

We have to remind one of the best written anime characters is Edward Elric. The youngest state alchemist in history of the Brotherhood, but he isn’t very proud of that fact. He and his brother Alphonse committed a terrible sin when they haughtily attempted to bring their mother Trisha back to life, and ever since they have been on a humble quest to rebuild their lives. their body to health.

His upbeat, but pessimistic and realistic, worldview intrigues Edward. Additionally, he is a charismatic tsundere and a busy action star, which is a potent mix. He is dedicated to assisting people whenever he can and is smart beyond his years. He opposes the cycle of violence and hatred.

Naruto Uzumaki 

Naruto’s most intelligent lead character, Naruto Uzumaki, was initially just an animated youngster with aspirations. Naruto has developed as a person and gained knowledge over the years about the cycle of hatred, fate, hope, and other topics through episodes and chapters. Naruto transformed his suffering into something positive by helping others, changing their lives, and altering the course of the entire world. To save the world, Naruto utilized more of his Rasengan.


The worst facets of our own personalities are sometimes shown in fictional characters in a way that demonstrates how they may be overcome and lead to happiness. None of us have issues with being transported to a different planet. However, feelings like anxiousness, selfishness, and the fear of not being good enough continue to define Subaru.

It is quite credible how he died—from over-enthusiasm for this new universe to a total breakdown through innumerable iterations and cruel execution. Furthermore, we can’t help but be really concerned for Subaru.

Shinji Ikari

Next, it is impossible not to mention the character Shinji Ikari. This is also an extremely attractive character image for readers. Playing the role of a pilot of EVA-0, he reflects his character’s nature as an indecisive teenager with no opinion in his life. One of us also exists deep in humans.

He often avoids responsibility and does not want to face difficult problems in life. Emotional withdrawal always makes him hide in a bubble and fragile shell. He decided to participate in robotics, and one of the main reasons was to gain appreciation and respect from his relatives, especially his father. Gendo Ikari has exploited the psychology of the character extremely successfully, going deep into the psychology of the character.

Ken Kaneki

Another best written anime characters is Ken Kaneki. Originally an ordinary college student, one day he was attacked and turned into a half-vampire. Since then his life has completely changed. At first, he still couldn’t accept this reality and wanted to deny it because he was forced to give up his humanity as a vampire. It’s hard to keep balance in life, but Ken did it.

Ken tries to blend his two personalities, vampire nature and human nature, to become a person of both worlds. He tries to lead both vampires and humans to a better future. Having many enemies, he can become monstrous and easily lose himself. But even so, Ken still deserves to be a character to be respected and understood.

Ken Kaneki

Kiritsugu Emiya

Good intentions often pave the way to damnation. And Kiritsugu Emiya, more than most anime characters, can explain why. When Kiritsugu was a young boy, he saw how his father’s research ruined an island town and transformed a girl he loved into a monster.

He made a promise to himself that he would never allow that to happen again after that. Even though he seeks the cup out of a desire to protect everyone, his role in its construction and subsequent destruction makes him responsible. discusses the numerous fatalities caused by the Fuyuki City Fire. He ultimately resembled the magicians he set out to exterminate.

Akemi Homura

Despite having Madoka in the title, Akemi Homura, the tragic time-traveling antagonist, serves as Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s true protagonist. We follow Homura’s development throughout the movie, from a shy, everyday girl to an obsessed individual who repeatedly breaks the laws of space and time to rescue lives. she adores her pal.

Sadly for her, Madoka’s selflessness still separates them. not even if Homura had saved him. It was like seeing a slow-motion car wreck when Homura changed into a demon after Madoka became the pink and vibrant god of their planet. It’s also one of the best written anime characters in Japan.

Thorfinn Karlsefni

Because they are not constrained by shonen anime norms like the importance of friendship and never giving up, siren anime features some of the best written anime characters in all of anime. Thorfinn Karlsefni, a cunning anti-hero with a broken heart and a spiteful mind, is off to a terrific start in the Vinland Saga.

Before losing his father, Thors, on his first expedition outside of Iceland, which hardened his heart, Thorfinn was an energetic young lad with a zest for adventure. Thorfinn is set on exacting revenge until he discovers the hard way that it is pointless and that he needs something more significant in his life.


best written anime characters

Meruem is the persona we wish to introduce first. Meruem is unquestionably one of the most adored antagonists in the lengthy history of Hunter x Hunter. The Ant-Man Chimera King first appears to be a brutal and vicious ruler who has no compassion for anyone, not even his subordinates (and possibly even himself). He keeps up this identity until he encounters Komugi, a human girl who has always meant a lot to him. He learns that others may very well have value when they are appreciated, which helps him adopt a more empathetic attitude. The kindness he received from Komugi was sufficient to explain his unhappy life, even though this change may have ultimately led to his demise.

In conclusion, in the above article, we have mentioned the 10 best written anime characters of Japanese titles of all time. These are all quite famous characters, clearly depicted with a rich interior. Each character has a different journey, they have a rich and diverse interior. But no matter what, each character should be respected and admired, because that is the author’s effort to create. If this article was helpful to you, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know!

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