Visit East Beach – a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa

Nestled in the narrow and quiet sea, Bai Dong Beach has a peaceful and romantic beauty that few places have. It is also because of that speciality that this beach has become a new tourist destination that many people love when coming to Thanh Hoa.

The land of Thanh Hoa has many famous scenic spots, including many famous places such as Sam Son beach, Lam Son relic site, etc. However, this land is also bestowed by nature. Another beautiful beach  is Bai Dong . This beach is located in Nghi Son peninsula, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa. It is 150 km from Hanoi capital, 60 km from Thanh Hoa city. To move to Bai Dong, you should use a car because on the way you can easily visit other scenic spots conveniently.

Visit East Beach - a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa

Although it was only discovered not long ago, Bai Dong has been dubbed the Northern sea paradise, because it has an extremely cool climate and beautiful scenery. In the hot summer sun, you will be surprised when you arrive at this beach, because the pleasant climate here will dispel all your troubles. In addition, the wild beauty, vast space of the sea, blue sky, long white sand beach will make you ecstatic and do not want to leave. Just resting here for a few days, you will feel very comfortable and comfortable like in a fairyland.

Visit East Beach - a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa

As a newly discovered beach, the scenery of Bai Dong is still very wild and not too crowded. As a result, the sea here is very clean and fresh, you can freely dive in the blue water as much as you like or more interestingly, play some water sports. In addition to swimming, virtual believers can also go up to the beautiful rocky beaches in East Beach to take pictures. With countless beautiful rocks of different sizes on the coast, it is sure to help you get epic pictures to show off to friends and family. 

Visit East Beach - a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa
Thanks to that peaceful and romantic beauty, watching the sunrise or sunset on East Beach is always a great experience for every visitor. Waking up very early, walking along the East Beach watching the sunrise slowly rise behind the mountains is a rare experience. You will see the sky here as if it has been changed into a brilliant yellow coat, making the space more sparkling than ever. For those who love silence, they can lie on the beach reading, listening to music, and feeling the beauty of nature. As for those who like the excitement, you can play with friends and relatives, swim, play water games … 
Visit East Beach - a new tourist destination in Thanh Hoa

More specifically, in the evening, visitors can visit the peninsula, the petrochemical industrial park, Nghi Son port, seafood market, or rent a boat to Me Island… or organize a barbecue party right on the island. Beach. Seafood in Tinh Gia sea is considered delicious and flavorful, so don’t miss dishes such as grilled scallops, steamed clams, squid eggs… 

With the elements on Bai Dong, it really deserves to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the North. If you have the opportunity to travel to Thanh, do not forget to visit this beautiful beach. Surely the experience here will not disappoint you.

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